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  1. Thanks,Regnalbob-just still curious why Briggs stated that Mr. Egbert's car was black,not red.- Briggs seemed to have a pretty good recollection of events,and was also an Avanti owner,so he was a "car guy",and car guys usually have a pretty clear picture or vivid recollection of a special (to them!) car. Indeed,in Bob Johnstone's Avanti database,a previous owner listed the Egbert car as R4131,which,coincidentally ,was a black supercharged car.Assumedly R4130 would have replaced the previously mentioned 63R 1252 for Mr. Egbert, R4130 being a later car. Perhaps the build sheet of 63R 1252 (the "original" Egbert Avanti) giving it's specifics might clear up the mystery,and it might be that Mr. Egbert kept the first,and owned two Avantis,simultaneously,and the black Avanti that Briggs describes in his article was NOT R4130.... if the 63R 1252 build sheet does not match Briggs' description of the black supercharged Avanti he was offered just before Mr. Egbert's passing,does anyone have any thoughts as to the color discrepancy ????????

  2. MFG-I found your post,and see that a relatively early production R2 ,63R-1252, is listed as an Avanti owned by Mr. Egbert.The red 1964 Avanti,R4130 ,is a much later car,and is generally known as the car that Mr. Egbert sold just before his passing-yet the R2 car described by Briggs as being offered to him by Mr. Egbert just before his passing  was stated to be  black in color.Adding to the confusion,there were actually TWO build sheets prepared by Studebaker for serial number R4130-one build sheet describes a red car,yet the other that was also listed as R4130,but "penciled in" as R4131 (over the typed R4130 number)  sheets5a0a35db12038_AVANTI4131.jpg.39cd415d7da54cbb51f27b9e5de7666b.jpg is BLACK in color.(build sheets attached)..Just wondering what the story is!!!!


  3. In a summer,1977 Avanti magazine,there is an article "Father of Them All" (attached) ,written by a Stan Briggs, who had been a tennis pro at the Bel Air Country Club,as well as a member of AOAI at the time the article was written.Briggs wrote that in the spring of 1965 Mr. Egbert had been advised by his doctor to play tennis for exercise. Briggs,the Pro at the club, played tennis with Mr. Egbert for a period of about three months,until the pressure of Mr. Egbert's consulting firm left him no time to play, Briggs  subsequently gave lessons to Mr. Egbert's wife Diana,and two of their sons.Briggs was also an Avanti owner and enthusiast,owning a turquoise 1963 Avanti,. Briggs tells the story of Mr.Egbert,in early 1969, looking tired and having lost weight,pulling up in his supercharged BLACK Avanti that was equipped with a tape recorder and a tape deck, and asking Briggs "would you like to buy my Avanti?".Briggs,already owning an Avanti,and his wife owning a Mustang,politely declined the offer, to his regret later.

    I'm pretty familiar with R4130,the red (red,per production order) Avanti known as the Egbert car that was sold at Mecum a few years back.But Briggs description of Mr. Egbert's  car being black,as well as having the other features he describes ,begs the question,were there two Egbert Avantis?..Any thoughts????       



  4. Yes-John was indeed one of the designers-he told me the story of how primitive the working conditions actually were at Pichon-Parat,where he oversaw the prototype fabrication It was actually an old barn where the prototypes were fabricated and John also relayed the story of having to put out a fire in one of the prototypes that was caused by a careless metal shaper there that almost resulted in one of the prototypes being destroyed...now-who was the second designer,and where did the actual design work  (not fabrication) take place?

  5. Gary-looking for the names of the 2 designers who did the design work for the prototypes,as well as where they designed the car  (a similar scenario to the Palm Springs "design house" ) -and you are most certainly correct about the fabrication of those prototypes being done by Pichon-Parat.

  6. Where were the 2 Avanti prototypes-the Notchback and Fastback that were to be the basis for the 1964 passenger car lines-designed?...And which 2 designers did the design work at this particular location?  

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