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  1. Yes,that's right,Gary-now I remember that-been a long day at Dave Rupp's Ft Lauderdale car auction!...pretty sure Baker's plan  involved some sort of vehicle for Law Enforcement....don't remember any concrete plans or drawings for a resurrected Avanti.

  2. Chris Baker-don't remember the plans for an Avanti,but I remember they wanted to resurrect the Studebaker name,and pretty sure they got as far as building an SUV that GM sued them over as they considered it too similar to their Hummer,and "production" stopped

  3. Correct,Ed!-in a letter dated August 18,1962,from Paxton Products to Studebaker President Sherwood Egbert,Andy Granatelli writes " Can you imagine what it is like covering a mile in 20 seconds in pitch darkness with only the car's headlights? Thanks to Avanti's aircraft instrument lighting,it would have otherwise been impossible."


  4. In the 1962 Bonneville Record Runs,Andy Granatelli ran the "2-way standing start 10 mile runs" in complete darkness at an average speed of 151.66 mph,thus covering a mile in 20 seconds in pitch darkness with only the car's stock headlights for illumination.Andy said the feat would have been impossible without ?????????????????????

  5. Hi Stuart-almost sounds like there'e still "trash" or gummed up fuel in the fuel tank,even though you mentioned you flushed the tank.I notice you also posted about a non-working guage-perhaps a sticky float indicating gummy fuel still in system?

  6. The pic I posted was actually a follow-up note dated March 27,1961,with a small sketch of a targa top car ,along the lines of the Jaguar E-Type pictured in the ad.This was to be sent to Raymond Lowey in Palm Springs ,stating that Mr. Egbert felt 'it seems we are on the right track",as he had wanted a car similar to the E-Type to bring customers into Studebaker showrooms.This particular "sketch" is dated March 27th,not March 6th. However detailed the March 6th sketch was, or was not,there would have been no Avanti had there been no Sherwood Egbert-indeed the "father of the Studebaker Avanti". 

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