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  1. Lew,echoing the kudos to you from mfg,my sincere compliments to you for the fine magazine we are all able to enjoy.You most definitely put together the finest magazine in our hobby,bar none.And AOAI members are the lucky beneficiaries of all your skill,talent, and hard work. 

  2. StudeNorm,I had to end up removing and cleaning the gas tank in mine-you might consider,at a minimum,at least cycling and draining a few gallons of gas through the tank several times.The tank is undoubtedly where the sediment is coming from.

  3. 6 hours ago, scottgriggs said:

    Does anybody have a photo of a Stude Avanti with these factory optional wire wheel covers?  I don't think I've ever heard of this or seen a photo.

    Scott Griggs

    Louisville, KY


    wire wheel 1.jpg

    wire wheel 2.jpg

  4. 4 hours ago, StudeNorm said:

    The type "F" tranny fluid is a friction modified fluid. I always thought it meant Ford, too. Since the supercharger is a friction drive device you have to use this type fluid. I would also recommend changing the idler pulley bearing. Mine seemed OK when I got my car but after a thousand or so miles it seized up and cost me a set of belts. It can be purchased at any bearing supply house and is only a few dollars, maybe under $10 or so...



  5. 3 hours ago, Gunslinger said:

    The Paxtons were designed to use ATF but the ATF of choice when made was Type "A" which is no longer available.  There are multi-compatible fluids available now but I'm not sure they're the best choice.  I would look for fluids made specifically for superchargers but not one that is synthetic.  Synthetic fluids are too slick as the planetary balls require at least some friction to make sure all spin and roll equally.  When a too slick fluid like a synthetic is used the planetary balls don't roll but kind of skid and can lead to failure.  

    But to answer your question Type "F" should do ok.  


  6. 39 minutes ago, studegary said:

    Change the S/C fluid and then see how it operates/sounds.  I assume that it is hooked up and running/free and smooth turning.


    27 minutes ago, mfg said:

    If it indeed is operating normally, it would probably make sense to unbolt it from it's bracket , place it upright on a bench and 'split the case halves'.

    This way the internals can be inspected (pay close attention to the five drive balls and their respective races).....you'd also be able to then thoroughly clean inside the unit.

    If you go this route, it may be wise to contact Paradise Wheels in California and order a couple of 'O' ring seals( to re-seal the case halves)...although if the originals aren't broken or torn they should be reusable.

    Post a few pictures of your 'new' Avanti when it arrives!


    PS....When inspecting the internals, also look at the output shaft (at the center of the five drive balls), and be sure to clean the brass oil pump screen (it unclips) that the supercharger fluid passes through.

    Thanks,Gary and mfg,for those tips,and I will post pictures after the Halibrands are installed.....As this is my first supercharged Avanti,I am unfamiliar with the supercharger and it's required maintenance.Am I correct in seeing that Ford transmission fluid is what is used in the supercharger?

  7. Hi- My long-awaited original '64 turquoise on turquoise R-2 is being delivered late this week.As it is a fairly low mileage car that has been owned by an elderly gentleman for the last 20 years, I am concerned about it's supercharger maintenance.Is there anything that anyone would suggest for initial inspection and maintenance on the supercharger,as well as ongoing maintenance?..Thank you..

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