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  1. Indeed true,Gunslinger-in fact,that name was eventually used on an assembled Lark prototype that featured a version of the Avanti's Vanity Tray-the Lark Splendida (pictured in front of the Proving Grounds clubhouse)




  2. 14 hours ago, mfg said:

    Wasn't it some sort of management consulting firm he operated until becoming too ill?

    He did have a management consulting firm after Studebaker,but this was a company with a specific  product.


    The Studebaker Avanti was first introduced to the Board of Directors and shareholders at the Indiana Club in South Bend on April 26th,1962.

    Attached is a film clip of a Studebaker Annual Shareholders meeting which was held at the Stepan Center at the University of Notre Dame in South Bend that quite probably dates from April 1963,but I'd like to share it nonetheless. The new (1962) Stepan  Center, so seemingly a symbol of Jetsonian Futurism, would certainly have been the perfect venue to have officially introduced the futuristic and gorgeous Studebaker Avanti  to it's shareholders.

    The bottom image is that of the Indiana Club.





    indiana club.jpg

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