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  1. Perhaps it is my imagination,but it seems that more than a few '64 Avanti's I have seen seem to have less of a front end "rake" than the pronounced rake of that of the '63's.I do realize that the front ends of '64 R-3's were raised for air box clearance, but I have seen what appears to be a very similar stance on some '64 R-1 and R-2 models.The explanation for R-2 model stance could be the result of an R-3 conversion,but even some R-1's that I have seen seem to have the higher stance in front.Was the front end stance modified in late or later production?

  2. 1 hour ago, schuyler said:

    I saw the "Targa Top" Avanti today. The Avanti is a 63 and the top of the car is black Vinyl with the Targa set up. The roof workmanship is very good. This car appears to be an R2. It has the factory supercharger but it is also has A.C. The compressor looks like a old shorter Fridgedare unit and the A.C. vents inside the car look factory stock. Interesting car! I would love to know its history. The numbers would indicate that it was built in late January of 1963. If someone reading this is the owner please let us know the history of your very interesting car. If no answer, I respect your privacy!. Thank you!

    An interesting car,no doubt!..Did you or anyone see the '64?..Upon inquiry to the owner of the car from the auction company per my request to find out more about the car's condition,the owner of the car,a dealer,would not supply additional details about the car nor any additional photos.Strange way to try to sell a car.

  3. 8 hours ago, StudeNorm said:

    The big three were constantly making "model year changes" to show they were developing their cars for the next model year so S-P management felt the need to make a visual statement for the next model year Avanti, even though they tried to say the car is in constant development so model year running changes weren't going to happen.

    That's a plausible reason,but not the principal reason for the change.

  4. Avanti83 was on the right track,but the specific answer as to why Studebaker went ahead with offering the R-3's to the buying public is that in the late Spring of 1963, the Federal Trade Commission began questioning Studebaker's Television ads.The Federal Trade Commission was "concerned with the hazards and dangers of high speeds,and want to know if the speeds can be obtained on the models actually sold to the public,or are they exaggerated?".They asked "if an Avanti that goes 170 mph is available to the public?".Studebaker Corporate Attorney Stanley Feuer felt the government was looking over Studebaker's shoulder,and advised the factory R-3 option "should become available so that we have a car to offer the public if they want to buy it".

  5. 11 minutes ago, r1lark said:

    The Bonneville records would be in jeopardy if the engine was not available to the public? I think this is pretty much what Avanti83 was saying. 

    I would think that was quite possible,r1,but that's not what got Studebaker motivated to make the R-3 option available directly from Studebaker.

  6. 1 hour ago, r1lark said:

    Ok, how about when the major US manufacturer decided to ignore the AMA racing ban and immediately introduced much higher horsepower engines, Studebaker (Egbert) decided they needed a higher horsepower "racing" engine too?

    The higher horsepower R-3 was certainly needed for good "press" for the Avanti,but there was an event that occured that made Studebaker go ahead with offering the R-3's to the public.

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