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  1. Thought I'd post this note,containing the famous "doodle" (see beneath left arrow) ,that was sent to Raymond Loewy in Palm Springs by Sherwood Egbert on March 27,1961,saying "it seems that we are on right track" regarding the ongoing design work for Studebaker's new sports car in comparison to the new E-Type Jaguar.


    avanti doodle.jpg


    "Nearly two decades have passed since burly Sherwood Harry Egbert, the flamboyant and forceful president of Studebaker Corp., learned to fly as a Marine Air Transport officer. But "Woody" Egbert is still as fascinated with flight as ever. In fact, says a friend, "the only time he can relax is when he's at the controls of a plane." Last week Egbert's predilection for planes became more than a hobby. Subject to CAB approval, Studebaker announced its purchase of Trans International Airlines, Inc., a profitable California nonscheduled carrier that grossed $6,000,000 last year. The price: $10 million in Studebaker stock."

  3. 1 hour ago, PackardV8 said:

    In the context of other late-'50s-early'60s cars Uncle Tom had driven recently, the Avanti probably felt quick.  For example, the '59 Pontiac was chosen by Motor Trend as their Car of the Year.  That was a grotesquely-styled POS and handled abysmally.  They didn't publish this photo where they rolled a tire off the rim in a hard corner.


    jack vines

    You're right-yet another example of how revolutionary and "Different by Design" the Avanti was when it debuted in 1962

  4. Nate was born May 27,1911,and passed away in early 1976,not quite reaching his 65th birthday.He was 64 years old.Just wonder how differently things would have turned out for Avanti Motors had he lived several more years.

  5. Hi...Posting this for a California photographer and fellow car enthusiast,who took this picture in 1974 and has wondered what happened to the car that caught his imagination and fancy back then. It's a long shot without a VIN number,but perhaps an Avanti enthusiast among us may recall a car that was driven by a teacher at Aviation High School in Redondo Beach High School ,where this picture was taken in the school's parking lot,and have some idea where the car is today.He remembers the car being a dark color,not black,but perhaps a dark burgundy.Hopefully,he'll join us at AOAI as an Avanti owner soon.

    Avanti-Redondo Beach HS 1974.jpg

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