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  1. Gary,my apologies,I did reword the question as I feel I did not make my question specific enough-and you are indeed correct that the R-3 definitely gave them the much needed horsepower prestige to have a good standing in the horsepower race.But there was a specific event that was the catalyst for Studebaker finally getting those R-3's to market.Care to give it another stab???

  2. 1 hour ago, Gunslinger said:

    I used to have a '67 Dodge Charger with a 4-speed.  The boot had a chrome ring just barely oval and could have been mistaken for round.  I found a reproduction ring to replace the original piece that was rusted...for all I know it could be identical to what your car had.  If you can't find something that works through a speed shop or SI, you might look at vendors that serve the Mopar market or even Ford, GM or AMC.  Trim pieces like those could have been more or less universal as a cost-cutting measure.

    Thankss again,Gunslinger-pretty sure the part Regnalbob saw in his catalog may do the trick...Thanks!..Jim

  3. Hi.my 63 R-1 is a factory 4 speed.On the console surrounding the boot,there are 4 screw holes that would fit the pattern of a round ring of some kind.Was there some sort of (perhaps chome) decorative ring that originally went around the boot?.I am replacing the boot,and SI said they only had a listing for a '64 model.Mine is serial number is 63R-1707,so it's a somewhat early production model.Does anyone have any ideas?..Thank you!...Jim


  4. That is indeed correct,mfg!..The Novi cars were purchased for a purported $250,000 from Andy Granatelli,,which exceeded any company expenditure in excess of $200,000 that required Board of Directors approval.There has been some supposition that this purchase,done without Board approval,was the official reason for Mr. Egbert's departure.

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