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  1. Between the two of us Bob it seems like we got it figured out … it is definitely good to know … I knew it was small … now I’m curious as to what size tank an 87/88 sedan has … I’d think maybe considerably bigger … best regards … Dan
  2. Looks like Silverstudes eBay link is close but … similar but it doesn’t have the a/c buttons … Avantis would also have the a/c & max a/c buttons … Avantis had the nicer/fancier “chrome” buttons … my replacement has black buttons … seems to be same unit but not as fancy … was thrilled to find and works great … Daniel
  3. Where to find good new or used units … have found all of mine on eBay … Chrysler/Dodge/Plymouth on Fifth Avenues, Monaco’s, Imperials, Córdoba’s, Diplomats etc. Just got to look and match from pics in ad … they’re out there, just gotta look through lotsa listings … good luck … Daniel
  4. Bob … I would think you could repair it … I’ll check my scavenged units n see and let you know
  5. Hi Bob … finally got the car out this weekend … ran it as close to empty as I could without running dry … 1/8 tank left and filled up … got 9 gallons in it … figure coulda squeezed 10 in but didn’t want to take chance of overfilling/overflowing it and get the car smelling of gas … when restoring the car had the tank sent out and blasted and relined as it had a leak in it and car reeked of gasoline … I remember it being so small … was told that because of the convertible top folding into the trunk area, they had to make the convert tanks smaller in order to accommodate the top when folded down … don’t know if true or not but based on small size of tank as I remember, the 10 gallon figure makes sense. This is just my experience but I ended gassing up much more often for this weekend trip than I thought I would … good reason to get out fairly often & stretch … best regards … Daniel
  6. Thanks … will pry out and see where leads to … appreciate the pic … know I’ve got a manual … but … of course misplaced it
  7. On plane heading back home … I’ll hopefully have for you Monday Back home … here’s pics of the units … you can see the good ones with the plastic what I call “mouse ears” intact and pics of others where they’ve broken off … mechanic buttoned up my dash but had these on the shelf to take pics of … anyway now hopefully this explains what could be the issue … hope this helps Bob … if I can be of any further help just let me know … Daniel
  8. On plane heading back home … I’ll hopefully have for you Monday
  9. I will follow to see if you get an answer … if not, I plan to get mine out of shop in the next couple weeks … tank is empty so will fill and post an answer … while at it … if you could look at your car n let me know what the button to the right of the convertible button on your 87 is for I’d appreciate it … thanks much … Dan Meyers
  10. Hi Bob … same exact problem with mine … mechanic had to take the wood grain dash cover off to access … the unit is cheap plastic … when dash removed it exposes the unit … there’s two small thin side “ears” on the unit (one on each side if I recall) with holes that the screws go into to hold control unit to backing plate … the plastic “ears” crack and disintegrate over time from pressure of pushing the units buttons as needed (for heat, defrost, a/c etc.) … crappy way/design that Avanti mounted the crappy designed Chrysler control unit. Answer : remove unit and replace with a good one and superglue thin metal washers to the back side of the ears where the screw goes thru to reinforce so doesn’t break next time … OR … if possible since you don’t claim unit doesn’t work but just a mounting issue … if not too bad try to super glue and repair with washers to the mounting holes. I’m out of state but will ask mechanic to take pics if dash is still out of car … on many used units for sale on eBay you can see the broken mounts … hope this was some help … good luck ! Dan Meyers
  11. Thanks so much for your response … makes sense Thom
  12. Greetings fellow Avantiers? Avantiests? 🙂 87 convert is in the shop getting heater control unit replaced … mechanic called with a question … to the right of the windshield wiper knob/switch are 2 rocker switches … the first one (closest to wiper knob) is for the convertible top … according to the Avanti owners manual the other rocker switch is for the fog or driving lights. Car does not have either … could this then be just a “dummy” switch or for ??? I know there’s someone with a similar set up … Thanks much … Dan Meyers
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