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  1. Same here. I'm convinced they used Loctite to minimize warranty claims.
  2. You're just five away from having a different Avanti for each day of the week 😉. That black beauty is drop dead gorgeous....congratulations!!
  3. Worked perfectly. A lot of elbow grease (and nasty chemicals) needed to remove the old material from the track. After installing the new velcro, I had a little too much material on the sides. Single edged razorblade took care of the excess. No problems since replacing.
  4. Once you get the clamp out from the back of the speedo, you can pull the unit forward and unhook the cable and power to the light bulb. Pretty dang easy...now threading the nuts back onto the clamp while laying on your back is the tough part of the job. Yes, removing the driver's seat and small hands are required. Plus lots of patience and no one within earshot of your loud expletives.
  5. Ya know, $20k on a restoration has a tendency to grow to $30k and upward. If all that you don't like about the '74 is the color, keep your '71 in the barn and save some dough.
  6. A fitting tribute to the engineering excellence of Studebaker and dedicated owners. Kudos to all!
  7. 17 gallons of gas for $5.50...those were the days, my friend! Clean it up inside and out...get rid of those rims, and purchase the correct ones. Whatever money put into replacing hog troughs, you'll never see again. Red exterior, black interior and AC - it'll sell for a nice price!
  8. Awesome look. That front end looks rather intimidating, but I dig your ride's attitude.
  9. Nice looker! Those hog troughs look fairly new, and I can see the power steering hoses are far enough away from the exhaust manifold.
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