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  1. IIRC, prior to Dec 1962 all Avanti bodies were assembled by MFG in Ashtabula and transported to South Bend. Because bodies were not being delivered in sufficient quantity (and quality), Studebaker built their own fiberglass assembly line at South Bend. This caused further delay and added costs. Even with two plants cranking out bodies, it wasn't fast enough to satisfy impatient customers who bailed on their orders.
  2. If Studebaker didn't have its back up against the wall, and all hope was riding on Avanti, Egbert probably would have held out longer for better terms. Previous management too often rolled over, allowing labor costs to get out of line. Both sides gave on their demands, and workers returned allowing Studebaker to debut Avanti in April, 1962. It's been said Egbert could hold his own and didn't hesitate to prove it!
  3. Another W.A.G. The transport was headed to South Bend from the MFG plant in Ashtabula. The driver heard about the labor dispute at South Bend that saw Sherwood Egbert go fisticuffs with a striker. Not wanting to be roughed up, the driver called HQ to arrange safe passage into the proving grounds.
  4. Many manufacturers did, but moved on to a better system. Studebaker didn't have the $$ to upgrade, so they used it on '63/'64 Avantis. Find yourself an "old school" mechanic who's familiar with the steering system and you'll do just fine!
  5. Even if you're on Wife #5, never slam the door of a collectible auto. Same goes for the hood and trunk. And while I'm at it, go easy on running your front windows up and down if they're powered. Working on Avanti windows, and especially adjusting them, is a real pain in Mr Ed's rear end!
  6. Moved my battery to the trunk shortly after buying the car in 2017. Living in the desert, the road temperature, outside air, and engine heat shorten the lives of most batteries. Mine is still going strong and is quite content living in the carpeted trunk!
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