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  1. Most of the time the sending unit is the culprit (the float goes bad). If your Avanti gas tank is like mine (1971), the sending unit can easily be removed when you take out the upright portion of the rear seat.
  2. Dale Sexton has been an outstanding caretaker of AVX 1. A real class act, and a true friend!
  3. What holds the clips on the roll bar cover are metal spanners glued to the cover's back. My cover was drooping on one side, so I pulled the whole thing off. The adhesive for several spanners was vaporized, others were very loose. Plus the vinyl material on the cover was coming off. Using silicone adhesive and Gorilla tape, I reglued everything and it went back into place perfectly. (the clips were soaked in PB Blaster over night, and straightened with needle nose pliers before being reattached)
  4. EPAS is slick and will give you power steering like a contemporary car...but cha-ching $$. I had my steering system gone through and replaced a lot of worn out, or incorrect parts. It aint real power steering...just boost from the hydraulic ram. If you pull it out and go with manual steering, be prepared for a real good muscle workout. But you'll look really buff at the gym!
  5. Your English is perfect...the job is a real PITA! Sounds like you're replacing the vent window gasket. I used the shortest knife handle rivets Ace Hardware sold with pretty good luck. They're two part and you have to compress them together to work. Drilling out the original rivets was also a challenge. You have a lot more room to work if you remove the ventilator. Now if you're replacing the whiskers in the channel that holds the main window, that's another horror story. Send a PM with your contact info and I'll be happy to help out.
  6. Yup...did both earlier this year. Not my favorite job, but it can be a DIY.
  7. I wanted a passenger side mirror that looked exactly like the AMC sourced diver side mirror for my '71 Avanti. These folks have them, but they don't offer convex glass and are pricey. If you want originality, these are your ticket: Driver side. https://pgclassic.com/products/amc-234lhcr?variant=39533547159721 Passenger side. https://pgclassic.com/collections/amc/products/amc-234rhc AMC didn't make a passenger side mirror with the cable remote....that's what I wanted, too 😖
  8. Now that's a project! Keep the photos and commentary coming. And by all means, do not tell the CEO you've put a 460hp engine in that car.
  9. 4) 1389 * * my sources claim 1390, but I really want to win the prize and enjoy a glass of Tang like the astronauts do!
  10. Here in Phoenix, the UV rays add to the misery of our summer heat. Thanks to a recommendation from AOAI legend Dale Sexton, I found a shop that specializes in minimizing UV penetration. Not a single problem with doing the back window, plus I had them do the windshield as that small band of tint at the top doesn't do much. Removing your headliner and installing some insulation to the underside of the roof will help lower heat transfer. Also plug penetrations between the engine compartment and the cabin to minimize engine heat transfer. All these things have helped my ride, in spite of a rather weak AC system designed decades ago.
  11. Looks like Red Green worked on that shade by all the duct tape!
  12. Good point! Now if we can get others to say Avan-tee instead of Avanti-tay. 🤔
  13. True....a drop of balloons at the end of each presentation. Good thing this was Avanti instead of WKRP...turkeys might have been dropped. 😵
  14. IIRC, prior to Dec 1962 all Avanti bodies were assembled by MFG in Ashtabula and transported to South Bend. Because bodies were not being delivered in sufficient quantity (and quality), Studebaker built their own fiberglass assembly line at South Bend. This caused further delay and added costs. Even with two plants cranking out bodies, it wasn't fast enough to satisfy impatient customers who bailed on their orders.
  15. If Studebaker didn't have its back up against the wall, and all hope was riding on Avanti, Egbert probably would have held out longer for better terms. Previous management too often rolled over, allowing labor costs to get out of line. Both sides gave on their demands, and workers returned allowing Studebaker to debut Avanti in April, 1962. It's been said Egbert could hold his own and didn't hesitate to prove it!
  16. Another W.A.G. The transport was headed to South Bend from the MFG plant in Ashtabula. The driver heard about the labor dispute at South Bend that saw Sherwood Egbert go fisticuffs with a striker. Not wanting to be roughed up, the driver called HQ to arrange safe passage into the proving grounds.
  17. Many manufacturers did, but moved on to a better system. Studebaker didn't have the $$ to upgrade, so they used it on '63/'64 Avantis. Find yourself an "old school" mechanic who's familiar with the steering system and you'll do just fine!
  18. Even if you're on Wife #5, never slam the door of a collectible auto. Same goes for the hood and trunk. And while I'm at it, go easy on running your front windows up and down if they're powered. Working on Avanti windows, and especially adjusting them, is a real pain in Mr Ed's rear end!
  19. Moved my battery to the trunk shortly after buying the car in 2017. Living in the desert, the road temperature, outside air, and engine heat shorten the lives of most batteries. Mine is still going strong and is quite content living in the carpeted trunk!
  20. My venting hoses were toast as well. Having given a lot of thought to cooling down the transmission shifter, I came to the conclusion it just wasn't worth the time or money to replace them. So I plugged the upper holes and moved on. The 700r replacement for the Borg Warner transmission improved things somewhat as engine rpms have dropped considerably. Now please don't get me started on engine compartment ventilation 🤬
  21. In the Avanti Pub portion of this forum, I've posted some incredible YouTube restoration videos on a '63 R2. Here's the link:
  22. In the Avanti Pub portion of this forum, I've posted some incredible YouTube restoration videos on a '63 R2. Here's the link:
  23. I stumbled across incredible YouTube videos posted by Neil Loughlin showcasing restoration work he's performed on a friend's '63 R2. Some of this stuff is covered in shop manuals and printed articles, but seeing it done with your own eyes makes it a lot easier to comprehend. There are 25 videos of the R2 Neil posted. I've attached links for #1 and #25...the "before" and "after" videos. Check out the other 23 videos. fyi - his YT channel for more tasty stuff - including a 1957 Golden Hawk.
  24. Depends (and the brand name is Depend) are made by Kimberly Clark, which also makes Kleenex, Kotex, Huggies and many brands of T.P. Not sure what any of this has to do with Avantis, but Kimberly Clark started what became Midwest Express Airlines which had a commuter partner that served South Bend. Truly TMI 🤪
  25. My '71 has a vertical rocker switch on the dash panel (low and high wiper speed). In the center of the switch is a button that activates the windshield washer. I have an inline pump and a FoMoCo reservoir bag (gotta get a Stude bag). As far as the blades go, I replaced the bayonets with the correct silver ones). Easy find at NAPA. If this helps, I can post some pix for ya.
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