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  1. On 6/5/2022 at 7:44 PM, Desert Driver said:

    Here in Phoenix, the UV rays add to the misery of our summer heat. Thanks to a recommendation from AOAI legend Dale Sexton, I found a shop that specializes in minimizing UV penetration. Not a single problem with doing the back window, plus I had them do the windshield as that small band of tint at the top doesn't do much. Removing your headliner and installing some insulation to the underside of the roof will help lower heat transfer. Also plug penetrations between the engine compartment and the cabin to minimize engine heat transfer. All these things have helped my ride, in spite of a rather weak AC system designed decades ago.



    What are your wheels? I like them


  2. Thank you everyone, this is all good. For whatever reason, every single email letting me know there is a response went to my spam folder, so only now am I seeing all of the responses.

    I will be looking at the car in question this next Saturday.

  3. I'm close to pulling the trigger on two A IIs. Just happenstance.  But I like the rake or stance on the originals better.

    What is the best way to improve the rake? cut a coil off? Different front springs? Is there any negative impact on handling by dropping it? One is a '79 the other an 81.

  4. First, Bob Johnstone's site is a wealth of information, and I am very grateful for him archiving so much information. But, being somewhat adult ADD, I run off in other directions of non-relevant info when I am looking for a specific topic. There is that much interesting and important info there.

    1979 Avanti II: window motors are intermittent. Is there a link to diagnose and repair? Can someone give me that link please?

  5. 10 hours ago, pantera928 said:

    I have been following this car on Ebay and wondering about the rear windshield. I get up there with my work but do not have any trips planned right now. That could change any time though

    me too. Apparently his health is not good so he has been slow with responses and photos. I'm not so worried about the rear glass as long as it is not cracked.

  6. I've got the itch again, this one is a 70's Avanti II. Frame and HTs are supposed to be "solid". It has cracks in both upper corners of the windshield.

    I've not seen the car in person yet, but could this be an indication of a rusted windshield frame? No cracks or  swelling in the fiberglass, per the seller, but again I've not seen it myself.


  7. Hi DAPY, thanks! BaT and other non auto auctions prefer no reserve for obvious reasons, but there does seem to be a flurry of action when there is no reserve, or it is dropped. I was feeling good about the action so decided to kick it up. It was close enough to me reserve for me to risk. I'm getting close to break even, which is all I need!

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