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  1. 22 hours ago, FoLola said:

    The Avanti is in pretty good shape but needs some love. I suspect a fuel issue as it has "run out of gas" after only a few miles. Maybe the fuel pump/supercharger relationship is not correct? I need it to stop raining for a road test (maybe June?). I replaced and re-wired the alternator which now charges the new battery correctly. There are other electrical issues such as tach and radio are not working. But overall a very nice car. 

    Thanks for the comments on the Lola. It is NOT subtle!

    Part of what I do at the World of Speed Museum is work on the Andy Granetelli collection that the family donated. Lots of stuff on the Avanti program and the Novi's. I actually found the ORIGINAL paper drawings on the Novi engine, drawn by Leo Goossen. True works of art. At one point they were considering putting the Novi engine into the Lotus turbine car chassis after the turbine was "banned." What an honor it is to go through the material. AND we are getting a Novi engine from the Tom Malloy Collection (use the Google to find out more).

    Be certain that your fuel tank is venting, when it dies, take the cap off and listen for a 'whoosh'. That means it is not venting correctly.

  2. I am not a newbie to Studebaker s, but Avantis are another animal. I just noticed tgatvwhile the heads and top of the block of my R2, RS1038, are black, the oil pan and lower block are red. Has someone been messing around with this? What color should it be?

  3. Turns out my left mount was bad, probably the right too. Once I got it running and revved it a bit, the rubber fell out and the engine settled with the pulley on the ram. That sounded awful! It seems like every bit of rubber on this car is rotten, so I'll do the transmission mount,control arm bushings, spring bushings, roll bar bushings.. what else (yeah, all the window and door rubber too)

  4. I'm planning to clean my boxes out and coat them...I don't have a hoist, just jack stands. Where are the best access points? Do I need to use a hole saw anywhere to gain good access?

  5. On 11/30/2016 at 12:39 PM, JWL1940 said:

    Mike, I'll get out in the garage today and take some photos of the trunk area where the cable is located and email them to you.


    Oops, this should have gone in a different thread, the one about the release cable.

    JWL, can you tell me where you posted the trunk cable photos? Mike is broken and I've not yet looked into it. Thanks!


  6. I use Dave a lot, this is my 8th Studebaker, but the only other one I have now is my '63 Champ, now with power steering thanks to Dave. I also have bought from John Myer, but until now, never needed Nostalgic.

    As far as plans for the car, the initial phase will be to clean it up, wire brush, prime, and protect the hog troughs, put tome Eastwood internal frame coating in the hog troughs and frame, and get it drivable. How far I go with cosmetics is undecided, but it'll be only driver quality, I want to enjoy driving without worrying about stone chips and such. The existing carpet, or what is left of it, is horrible and rotten. I do know the car probably had some kind of hit on the left, the door is turquoise behind the door card ( Or it may be due to the early, weak hinge area and an available replacement door) and there is something not quite right on the left front corner. I need to look at it in better light to figure that out.

    And speaking of door hinges, the lower left hinge pin is broken. I have a new one from Jon, but is this a common failure?

    As far as wheels, I have 4 wheel covers in decent shape, but only two usable steel wheels. I'll eventually source new wheels ( I forgot what the modern wheel is the best replacement) so for now the wheels on it will remain.

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