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  1. The Blaupunkt that is in there has noisy volume and balance controls and I wanted bluetooth, so like Pantera, I bought a Retrosound unit. In the middle of the  night, it occurred to me that removing the top speaker grille might work. I don't think there is actually a speaker there since I have 2 in the kick panels and 2 on the rear shelf. Thanks for the confirmation Bez!

  2. Thanks everyone. I'm used to Studebaker engines, but in close to 50 years of cars, this is honestly the first Chevy engine I've every had, except for a Stovebolt  6 in a truck. I know lots love the SBC, but it doesn't seem to be the best designed engine as far as maintenance goes. At least not in an Avanti II.

    I just re-read this... 50 years of cars. Damn I feel old.

  3. On my '80, I found one hose of a molded two-hose connector to the purge valve rotted. I cut the rotted hose off, took a 3/4" long section of brake line, pushed into the connector fitting, and re[placed the line. A dad of liquid tape to assure a seal, and it's invisible unless you look close.

  4. OK, so as far as tune, I apparently am OK, so I won't look for problems. As I'd like an LSD, I might swap to a lower numerical ratio at the same time as I'm not a speed freak, but I'm not a granny either.

  5. I bought my '80 (350/TH400) not expecting it to be an economy car, but even after a full tune and a carb kit, I'm getting only 14 MPG mixed driving, though largely highway miles. I was hoping  more around 18 in mixed, so I am wondering is it typical, or do I need to some more sleuthing?


  6. I drilled 1/2" holes in my hog troughs,  flushed them out as best as I could, let them dry for a few weeks, and used Eastwood Internal Frame Coating on them. It has a long, flexible wand with a 360 degree spray pattern, to get top, bottom, and sides. I did this too on the frame at the front spring mount and the rear cross member. Then I plugged the holes with plastic plugs.

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