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Hog trough repairs

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Has anyone repaired the hog troughs on their car without replacing them??

on my car one side is real solid and in great shape , the other side has some rust out  along the rocker panel but is mostly ok

the plan right now is cut out the worst of it,, rust treat and coat inside with por15 then rivet and JB weld a repair section on to finish the repair.

I think it would make a  ok  repair..... what are your thoughts on the subject ???

As a different subject, how can I find what color my car (RQB1812 ) was painted and is the trunk, interior and under hood painted the same.

it is currently what looks like rattle can black over a red primer and no trace left of the original color that i can find


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Wayne is correct that the build sheets for the II's are usually available from Nostalgic. Are you sure the "red" primer isn't faded red paint?

As far as the rocker panels, it's body work just like any other metal repair. Just be aware that the metal is bonded to the fiberglass at the rocker panels so heat needs to be carefully applied.

If you're happy with the repairs then that's what should matter.

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I pulled the felt out of the glove box and and found the small tag I think may be it !! However Its in real bad shape.

Ive tried to gently clear it and i think it says brentwood firemist. was that a 1972 choice. I was working in a highend bodyshop in Sandirgo about then and psinted a lot of corvette and cadillac firemists but don't remember any of the names of them

I've ordered the build sheet so I'll soon know.

my wife has decided it will be the same silverblue metalic as her 2010 Acent

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My understanding is that Avanti Motors would paint a car whatever color the customer wanted (same with interior fabrics/colors)... and there were some pretty bad choices, although I expect they had some "standard" color choices to show customers, and probably built at least a few cars that didn't have a customer order at build time.

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Avanti Motors continually was building cars even when none were special ordered.  They built cars "on spec" which is just a way of saying they built them to a production order where they spec'd the car out for sale.  Customers could special order a car or buy one already in inventory.  It makes sense they must have had some standard paint colors they knew were appealing enough to attract buyers.  

Avanti Motors would also slip a special order car into the production line to get it completed quicker, putting cars on spec on the back burner for completion...that's why cars were sold out of order serial number-wise.  In fact...it wasn't unknown for them to reupholster or even repaint a car for a customer to get it out of inventory.

There were some...let's say "odd" rather than dreadful color/interior combinations that rolled out of the factory...particularly during the '70s.  My wife has said the 1970s were known as the "decade of poor taste" with good reason.

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I went to school in South Bend  from '66-'70.  I visited the plant a number of times and remember one that was school bus yellow with a black and white zebra striped interior

Ed M

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