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  1. Replaced them on my '81 (RBQ 3318) last fall. Got them from Avanti Parts and Restorations, their part ## 800340 and 800341 at $14.50 each, and spring kit ##800794 at $15.00. I also put on new shoes, ##800343 at $50.00, and a master cylinder ##800278 at $95.00. Brakes are very good now.
  2. Thanks Wayne - got what appear to be very nice ones from Mr. Ziff
  3. I need a source for the gaskets that surround the small wing windows on my '81 - RBQ 3318.
  4. Thanks Bob - very helpful. What year was the Monte Carlo kit from?
  5. Thanks all. Is the only difference in the door of an 81 vs an 87 that the glass has no metal frame? Does someone have experience with this fix on an earlier Avanti II? Ed M
  6. Thanks - for the whole door X 2 we are looking at $1,000. Is there some other option? I remember reading somewhere that an 87 Impala or Monte Carlo (?) fit well.
  7. My '81 (RBQ 3318) has a new interior and a nice paint job, but the doors whistle like crazy above 35 MPH and they leak air all around. Looks like someone randomly glued some weatherstrip on the doors after the paint job Is there a source for door weatherstrip that fits? I have searched the forum, but nothing comes up Ed M
  8. Ed M


    For those of you with (or even without) a Nardi steering wheel, this just out from Petrolicious https://petrolicious.com/films/soul-made-nardi-steering-wheels?mc_cid=c705375ead&mc_eid=85eb3ba5ca
  9. Has anyone made a round headlight car out of a square headlight car? I used to do fiberglass boat work and I don't think it would be too hard. I have seen a couple of cars with the sunroof covered over. Ed M
  10. I went to school in South Bend from '66-'70 and visited the factory a few times. I remember seeing one being built that was School Bus yellow with a black and white zebra striped interior Ed M
  11. Ed M

    Avanti ad

    A friend saw my car for the first time and told me about a TV commercial he saw as a kid. He was about 15 in 1963 and he remembers it vividly. No music, camera in the front yard of a suburban house, a family of 4 opens the front door and walks out to the drive. They get into their Avanti, turn on the engine, then back out into the street. The car explodes off the line with spectacular sounds and accelerates like crazy down the street into the distance. Words come up that say "Avanti, 180 miles per hour with four people" I mentioned that the record it set at the time was 171 MPH,
  12. Not an unreasonable thing to do to put round headlights on a later car. Doing some glass work will give you a chance to get rid of the luggage rack, sun roof and gas cover lock too. With the body off, you can put it back with whatever angle you want to the stance - I like the early ones Ed M
  13. Peddler Your car looks great with the Halibrands. What tire size are you wearing? Ed M - RBQ-3318
  14. Ed M

    Rear Brakes

    Silverstude - yes and I replied within a couple of hours - thanks for the info. My mechanic is checking on NAPA prices to see if those parts are still available and then we'll compare
  15. I went to school in South Bend from '66-'70. I visited the plant a number of times and remember one that was school bus yellow with a black and white zebra striped interior Ed M
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