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    Avanti Paint!

    I thought they used enamel paints? So I say false
  2. I used this company to rebuild my rear window regualtors and motors for my 91 convertible. http://windowmotorworld.net/
  3. With the chevy 305 capable of mid 20's per gallon useage and a tank size of about 20 gallons I guess 425 miles.
  4. "Your car is number 12 of the 17 built." I was told 17 total for 1991, but only 7 convertibles and the others were 4 doors. He said mine/his was the last one built as a conv off the line. I have not been able to confirm any of that information. Makes for a good story to say the last of these styles was this as the last conv. But until I can find the real info and know it is the truth, I don't repeat it. I do say it was in the last small run of converibles for 1991.
  5. I own that one listed above out of California. The fellow I bought it from was 84 and the second owner and he had it about 24 years. I bought it and use it as much as possible here in Arizona. I was under the impression that it was not fiberglass but kevlar impregnated fiberglass. It is heavy and drives very well. Only changed the tires and wheels and some minor repairs for the 2.5 years I've had it. Always get thumbs up from other drivers when we have it out.
  6. I'm only guessing but the 1/4 glass would be something that could easily fail I would think.
  7. Stacey

    Avanti Sales!

    I recall seeing that name associated with Delorean if I remmber correctly/
  8. I purchased my used Model X in Raligh, NC and drove it to Prescott, Az, about 2300 miles. I think I stopped either 12 or 13 times to charge and spent 3 nights in motels. The farthest I went, I have 325 range, but that is from 100% full to zero charge and nobody should or would run that way, was 210 miles. The system would show me where to stop and for how long to get to the next charger system. Most stops were for 15 to 20 minutes, some 35-45 minutes and two for sure were 50 minutes. All depending on the range I needed, based on my speed or always running the speed limit and a touch over. In some areas the mountains played a big part in using more energy for a shorter drive range. What I have found interesting is in almost every stop, folks would get out and talk about the or their cars to other folks charging up. When was the last time you got gas and walked over to talk to the folks getting gas in a pump near you? Uness they are in a clooector car or hot rod, you just pump your gas and leave. I LOVE driving the Avanti with the top down around town, but for excitment, the X wins hands down. Look on the route you would drive from home to Maine and see if the super chargers Tesla has are on that route. Looks like about 6 chargers I see on the map but your route may not??
  9. I own a 2019 Tesla Model X and I have just as much fun as driving the Avanti, only the Tesla is so much quicker!! Both put huge smiles on my face😀
  10. Yes looks very much like my convertible body work only missing the gas fill location cut out.
  11. Just spotted this and if anyone is looking for a project, pretty reasonable, look here on Ebay Look Here
  12. Stacey

    Avanti Gear!

    Just a guess, how about noisey and weak?
  13. Stacey

    Torquey Avanti!

    I don't think they had much so I guess#2 320
  14. I have a 91 convertible with 48,000 miles. Overall has held up pretty well. I purchased about 2 1/2 years ago from a fellow that owned it for 24 years. Other than the normal oil changes and minor things I have replaced the radio speakers, tires and wheels, radiator and fan clutch both rear 1/4 window motors. It drives and runs fantastic and looks as good as it did when it was built.
  15. Wow that is sure a great web site to keep for locating bolts, Thanks for posting that.
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