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  1. My best guess is that the 3 is an indicator of which mold was used for the casting.
  2. Here is picture of casting number.
  3. Regnalbob is correct. The heads have a casting number of 1557570 and a part number of 1557571. Please check your parts catalog.
  4. I will say false. My 64 R5408 was assembled 12/2/63. It is unlikely that 235 were assembled in the few days before production ended.
  5. There were several with 3spd trans. There were also several black Avantis. 4spd with hill holder was not rare (I have one). Therefore I will go with no radio!
  6. I do the same. Curious to find out if correct.
  7. Have you checked with SMS in Oregon? I got some Elk and Fawn from them a few years ago.
  8. Sorry about the delay. Have been suffering with a nasty cold. Hope to get to the shop in the morning. I will go through the spares to see what I have.
  9. One picture looks like the correct control knobs.
  10. Looks like you may have round knobs as well. I believe I have some spare panels and controls. I will check in the morning.
  11. Acrylic lacquer.
  12. Do not recall spool orientation. However, make sure the lips ln the seals point in bound - toward each other. Otherwise, it leaks.
  13. Service letter K-1963-5 refers to step up rods for high altitude operation. So number 1 carburetors.
  14. Does SI still sell the spray cans? If so, you could spray some into a small container and dip a touchup brush.
  15. There is one on ebay now. $27.49 with free shipping.
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