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  1. My guess is timing gear.
  2. Thinking this might be another trick question, I looked on the internet. The official name was Ross Tool and Gear Company later purchased by TRW.
  3. Do not have link handy, but if you put seller:ccarspec in the ebay search you will get a list of everything he has listed on ebay.
  4. Ccarspec, Barry Hackney, has a 76 in Houston on Ebay. May be a little far for you.
  5. Maybe because the Avanti used a rag joint whereas the other models did not.
  6. Likely the one under the rear seat. I just put some duct tape over it.
  7. 64studeavanti


    1 55. The R3 was rated at 335 and the R4 at 280.
  8. I have a similar tag on a spare door I purchased at one of the International meets. Not sure which year, but it does have the hole for the remote mirror.
  9. I have not noticed blocks on any of my Avantis. Can you post a picture?
  10. My best guess is that the 3 is an indicator of which mold was used for the casting.
  11. Regnalbob is correct. The heads have a casting number of 1557570 and a part number of 1557571. Please check your parts catalog.
  12. I will say false. My 64 R5408 was assembled 12/2/63. It is unlikely that 235 were assembled in the few days before production ended.
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