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Reproduction Avanti Bumpers

Ken 63R2159 R2

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Excellent quality. Fit on one end was slightly off, but it may have been the slight damage to the outer end I re-used. Much better than the later Avanti II bumpers with the crease across the length of the top. Much better than most rechrome shops. I have had peeling on the back sides, marks where they straighten on the back side, and waves, and grind marks that were unacceptable on rechromed units. None of that is true with the new ones. You will have to find the large cage nuts and use them on the new.

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5 hours ago, drat said:

What is cost on these reproductions? I am considering repairing, and rechroming mine. New sounds intriguing. 


There is separate pricing for individual pieces and complete sets.  "No shipping charge"  Refer to page 55 of this month's "Turning Wheels".   

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One vendor, George Dimitas at Olympus Avanti, offers the front bumper center bar (#1556190) in .14 gauge steel.....Tel# 773-486-6026------Illinois

Apparently, he also now has reman front ends and rears in stock.

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