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  1. I am in the process of conducting a full restoration of Avanti 63R2159. I would like to get some advice on how to lift the body off of the frame. My garage is high enough to lift the body from above and the body has been completly stripped and is just a fiberglass shell. The body will get some minor repairs and repainted. I found a Shop Talk article from the August 1991 Turning Wheels by Jon Myer. He states that you could "...put 2x4s through the open front window from side to side and through the rear vent windows also from side to side-use some old carpet as padding where it contacts th
  2. In January, 1963, my uncle was working as a mechanic at a Studebaker dealership in Broohhaven, Long Island, NY, when a new Avanti, 63R2159, was delivered. Two years later in 1965, my uncle bought that Avanti from the original owner and enjoyed the car until he passed away in 2008. I bought the car in 2009 from my cousin. I have finally started the full restoration and I am at the point of removing the body bolts and lifting the body off the frame. Everything from the body has been removed and is just a fiberglass shell. The chassis has some rust damage but is repairable. The body bolts that sc
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