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Power windows on 1972 Avanti

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Remove the door panel.  Remove the protective paper from all holes in the door.  Take a marker or scribe and mark the location of every nut and bolt possible so that you can put the bolts/nuts back where they were.  Most of these are in slotted holes.

Lower the window all the way.  Remove the 2 large and 1 small bolts under the vent window area and the 2 nuts holding the vent window /channel track assembly at the front of the door.  Turn the 2 adjusters that had nuts on them clockwise until the clear the holes they are in.  Count the turns.  Mine were 10 turns at the top and 5 turns on the bottom.  The vent window will now be loose and can be moved around in the door.  Next, remove the 2 C Clips off of the window frame lower rollers and pop the 2 arms out of the lower glass frame rollers.  These clips are on the rollers between the arms and glass frame.  Now you can slide the glass out while tilting the vent window frame forward.  Take a flashlight and look into the door and study how everything is mounted, just so you are familiar with how it looks before removing the regulator assembly.

Now, raise the window frame up close to the top of the door using the motor.  This lowers the spring pressure at the motor once the assembly is out.  Locate the electrical connection at the front lower part of the door and disconnect the motor.  Push the plug inside the door.  There may be a clip holding the motor wiring harness in place and you'll need to unclip the harness from the door. 

You can now remove the regulator assembly.  There are 4 bolts holding the regulator in a square pattern, 3 bolts holding the arm bell crank in a triangle pattern and 2 bolts holding the horizonal guide (towards the rear side of the door).  Once these are removed, the regulator with electric motor can be removed through the large opening at the bottom of the door.  Note that the triangular mount on the bell crank can only mount on the door one way, it is not symmetrical.

Reassembly is the reverse of this.

This is a good time to clean and lube all of the tracks and rollers.

Good Luck!

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One tip to add from experience - As you remove the driver's door interior panel, be mindful of the wires on the window switches. There is not a single disconect plug but rather several wires with spade terminals that connect to the switches. Note which wire goes where before you disconnect them to remove the door panel. You'll save yourself a few cuss words and a headache later on.

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RQB3263/81      HERE IS MY SOLUTION TO ANY POWER WINDOW PROBLEM.... first one took about 4 hrs round trip inc door panel .....second one 2 hrs....inc fiberglass clearance inside door panel and small wooden shim installation.... all good works perfectly  and highly recommended

best wishes and good luck  ....  BILL IN FLORIDA



IMG_0065 (2).jpg

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