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A couple of curiosity questions


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I believe the change in parking brake location was during 1976.  A Jeep handle was used for a short time before changing to a C3 generation Corvette handle assemble.

The trunk release was an option at least as early as 1970…maybe earlier.  I don’t know when…or if it was made standard equipment.  The electric release button was under the driver side of the dash before the glove box location was standardized.

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THanks guys. I have owned a couple of C3s and never thought about that being a C3 handle.

On a side note, Alfa Romeo used the C4 center brake light on their spiders in the early ninetys.

You never know where you will find Corvette parts!🤣

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My 1975 has the parking brake handle under the dash to the right of the steering wheel. Mounted on the brake shaft is a momentary electrical switch to activate the light on the dash. Any idea where I might find one of those switches? 

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