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Avanti Weight!


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The weight difference between an Avanti R3 engine 'long block' and an Avanti R4 engine 'long block' is   (approx) .....?..... ozs.

1) no difference......2) ten.....3) twenty five .....or.....4) forty

(no intake manifold, Carbs, blower, exhaust manifolds, distributor, water manifold, shielding)

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1 hour ago, Dwight FitzSimons said:

I will guess 4) forty.  The only difference I can think of between an R3 long block and an R4 long block is the domed pistons in the R4.  Noting that 40 is evenly divisible by 8 I figure 5 additional ounces per R4 piston (vs the R3) seems about right.


Good deduction!.. However, the difference in weight is not 40 ounces

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