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Rear axle gear ratio


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The Caprice had a 700-R4, made for good gas mileage.  It has a 3.06 first gear ratio.   Axle ratios for them started at 2.73 which gave higher highway speeds with low engine rpm.    The downside of using them with a higher geared axle is that 1st gear is 0-15mph, then an abrupt (to say the least) shift to 2nd.  You cannot start out in 2nd gear...

 The 200-4R, developed later,  has more normal ratios, something like a 2.56 first gear  and is much more comfortable to use, so your axle would likely be around 3.31 - 3:54    

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Mine is a 7.5" Posi-Trac. Forgot the original gear ratio, but there are lots of options. The one thing you have to look out for is that at about 3.42 gear ratio and higher it takes a different carrier to fit in the housing.

Good luck all,

Jim Wood

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