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63 Heater control valve seal NLA at NAPA ?


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Tkx Silverstude. The only valve seal I could find is this set: Ranco Water Valve Repair Seal Set for LARGE 3/4" or SMALL 5/8" OD leg It has 3 different seals. Around 16.50 shipped. I saved that sheet because I could not anything like it on line. Though I did find the 4 combo articles talking about the different seals. Thats How I located the set. Hopefully one of the 3 will work. My project R4115 R2 4 speed I just picked up last week. Only the heater core was left in the car. All parts are there I think. I will pull it and test it.  Question, are the 2 pre formed black heater hoses the same? 1 came with the car so Im  not sure which one I need/ Tkx Jim F

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@rufcar - as luck would have it, I ordered one (one, singular) 660-1000 from NAPA, and whoever picked/shipped the part ended up sending me a box of 10. These are all the expected Ranco HTR-100 kits in each bag with the instruction sheet and the rubber seal.  Send me a message with your address and I'll drop one in the mail.



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