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Tilt Steering wheel option


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1 hour ago, coasthwy1 said:

I have a chance to buy an original Avanti tilt wheel.  How much would such an option add to the value of the whole car? 

That is very dependent on the potential buyer.  I would think from $100 to $200, but only for a 1964.   

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I would think a tilt wheel would add more like $300 - $500 to the value of a '64 Avanti.  Avanti enthusiasts are, I think, like most old car fans; They want all the options available.  The more the better.

It has a practical value too.  The overly large Avanti steering wheel makes getting into an Avanti somewhat difficult.  The tilt steering column was added to the options list for a reason.

I would guess the market value of a complete tilt column would be the same $300 - $500.  It must be complete, though.


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I agree with Dwight.:)

Although it wouldn't be a legitimate option for that year, I would think the owner of a 1963 Avanti wouldn't mind having one of those rare columns in his/her car! (Also for an early 'A' series Avanti ll not so equipped)

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