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  1. I have build sheets, trans am donor documents, most of what's been discussed above for most if not all 2001-2007 Villa Rica Cancun Mexico cars I was a minority partner with Kelly and Seaton and was there in Villa Rica from day 1 in 2000- mid year 2002 Its amazing how much misinformation is out there I'm a bit tired of reminding people of my contributions to the rebirth of the Avanti and it was not just a Kelly Seaton Deal If there is sincere interest in the real story let me know or ask your questions as Im not getting any younger
  2. Ed Burris had his 1964 Studebaker Avanti at the reintroduction of the Avanti in Villa Rica Ga 2001 No heistation on his part He was also an excellent photographer and shared his photos of International Meets frequently A true man of God He will be missed
  3. Yes Dr Ernest Edwards (Passed away on Sept. 12, 2022) was a custom build by Avanti Styling study to see what the backup lights looked like inserted in the trunk lid Only car built that way in Villa Rica Our car number 18
  4. Magazine I prepared and gave to participants at AOAI Tacoma Meet covered known researched and verified prootype info May have a few copies left if someone wants to purchase 25.00 each as I have to locate and ship Let me know
  5. 4 Prototypes renumbered R5650 R5651 R5652 R5653 Dave Kinny owns both 5652&5653 New York Auto Show and Operation Airlift vehicles Most significant Avantis ever built
  6. Translation result of dealing with cards over the years no one Booth SNM (multiple copies) Krem have copies of PO i learned long ago to never say never but if it exists it would probably only be in Paxtons records which I’m chasing currently Regards
  7. John Hull

    Paxton R4!

    I have four photos of a R4 installed in an Avanti at Paxton
  8. I never specified it was ordered without an engine or transmission and labeled it speculation as a possibility If Studebaker got wind a non studebaker engine was going into an Avanti with the work being done at a subsidiary for legal and liability issues it would make sure no paper trail would exist at Studebaker on that car Also it would be god awful advertising a GM engine in a Studebaker product again liability issues ie engine blows warranty etc Officially at Studebaker it would not exist Ray Cash worked for Paxton and drove their transport vehicle many many times from Santa Monica California to South Bend to pick up and deliver Avantis Transportation would not be an issue
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