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  1. I can only answer generically, b/c I'm not sure which motor the 1983 Avanti used... Nostalgic Motorcars could probably answer that question:  248-349-4884 

    Here is an article on the original P/W setup, which was still used in my 1971 model; I know it was changed at some point


    The original motors were used on the cars below and can sometimes be found on eBay, but they're usually pricey.

       1960 Ford/Lincoln part # C0LF-14553-A, or Bosch # M 05810. Ford station wagon tailgate window motor C0LF-14553-B may also work.

    If the issue is a simple internal motor failure, a motor rebuilding service might be able to make repairs (many cities and large towns have electrical motor repair/rebuild shops)

    Here's one Avanti owner who innovated: https://studebaker-info.org/Avanti/Tech/PWIN/nollerpwinp0913.html

    I also sent you a private message.

    Good luck and please let us know what motor your car has (part numbers & pics, please, to add to our knowledge) and how you make out with repairs.


  2. My only thought is that its not rocket science, the cable is apparently not fully seated/inserted at both ends (almost has to be the speedo end), or it is broken somewhere in between (unlikely since it worked before the cable was disconnected). It might be easiest to ask a shop to fit the cable from beneath, with the car on a lift, that is, remove the speedo cable at the tranny, push & turn the cable at that end until it seats into the speedometer, then re-insert/reconnect it at the transmission end.

  3. Yes, if the rear seals (O-rings) on the master cylinder piston leak, the fluid can be sucked into the booster and attack the bladder. If you are using silicone brake fluid, the booster bladder may not be damaged, but the master cylinder still needs to be repaired/replaced.


  4. Did you try Nostalgic Motors? How about a want ad on this venue?

    I bought one from Nostalgic back in the mid 1980's. But it is not stainless steel. I think I paid in excess of $400 for it at the time, because they were rare even back then. It was meant for a later model (provisions for a filler pipe intended for unleaded fuel), the only type of tank available at the time, so it would probably require some filler-related alterations for use in an earlier Avanti. I haven't used it yet, and probably won't (I live in CA now), because I've long since sold the Avanti I thought might need it some day. Perhaps you'd like to make me an offer (offline).

    Or, there are "universal" fuel tanks available that could be researched for size and modified by a radiator repair shop to add/swap-in the external "plumbing" needed by the Avanti. For example: http://www.yogisinc.com/index.cfm/page/ptype=product/product_id=13671/category_id=2566/mode=prod/prd13671.htm

  5. Here's a reply I got from Ischuc last January when I had the same issue (but its a shame to lose content, since others may be searching old posts to answer their questions):

    "Try clicking on your user name at the top right corner of the web browser, and then select "My Attachments" from the drop down menu.  You should then see the list of all the images you have attached, and should be able to click on the topic title at the right side of the list and delete the topic, or at least delete the images  you attached inside the topic"

  6. I buy pads from Nostalgic in Michigan: 248-349-4884 (I had bad luck when I tried some from a local parts store)

        ...I expect they also carry front wheel cylinders and/or rebuild kits

    You can also buy parts here: http://avantiparts.biz/brakes/?sort=featured&page=1

       ...or here: https://www.parts123.com/parts123/dyndetail.pta?catalog=0001003a&uKeY=AARCZ

       ...or here: https://xks.com/i-7084309-jaguar-front-wheel-cylinder-2-1-8-square-pads-8777.html

    Or even rebuilt calipers (core trade or outright): http://avantiparts.biz/brake-caliper-disk-brake-pair/

    Here is some good info: http://www.studebaker-info.org/Tech/Brakes/calipers.html

  7. Just a rant, but I did a web search on this company to see if they have a website, and it seems they only use Facebook. I can't understand why businesses do that. I do not have a Facebook account, nor do I want to pay to open one just to access a business page, and I'm sure many other computer users feel the same way.

  8. Thanks very much for the pics Steve, I appreciate you taking the time to do that.

    Kinda hard to believe it would be Avanti-only. But, it does seem to parallel the shape of the cowl in that area.

    Do you know how it fastens to the cowl?

    Does the tube go into the body through the same hole as the wiring harness?

    Is there anything other than a short tube going from the cap to the bottom of the reservoir?

    Do you know where the pump for the wiper fluid is located?


  9. A friend just purchased an '82 Avanti that's missing the window washer reservoir.

    Can someone tell me the source of the original reservoir (model & year car)? I am thinking it may have come from a 79-82 Corvette, but I'm not certain.

    If you don't know the source, could you post photos of yours in the car?

    I'm attaching pics of a reservoir used in 79-82 Corvette.

    corvette reservoir.jpeg

    79-82 Corvette washer reservoir 2.jpeg

  10. So, you've looked at the mechanism with the headliner removed?

    Not sure anyone can help without more information; you blame a worn worm shaft or bar, but have you really proven that? Seems unlikely the worm shaft is worn out, more likely something else attached to it is worn or something is hung up.

    Was the problem slow to develop, or did it just happen one day?

    What are the symptoms (can you hear the motor run? does the sunroof try to move at all in either direction?)

    How do you know its not just the coupler between the motor and the worm shaft transmission (or between that transmission and the threaded rod) that has failed? Or the "nut" that connects the sunroof to the worm drive? 

    I haven't personally repaired a sunroof, but it seems to me a worn worm shaft is unlikely.

    There are businesses that repair sunroofs, but the issue may be getting (or making) parts for a long-discontinued sunroof.

    Avanti sunroof.jpeg

  11. I agree, in principle, but good luck finding it, and why start a new thread each time a newbie asks for basic info? I recently had a friend who expressed an interest in Avanti's ask me what engines (cubic inches & HP) came in the various years of Avanti II, since he figured that might narrow down his search. I didn't know the answer, despite the fact that I've owned a half-dozen Avanti's of various years over my lifetime (the memories fade in my old age).

    Wouldn't it be nice if the specs (incl options) for all Avanti II years were available in a format such as the website I posted above? So why not check that website over for accuracy and if you find basic information there that you are certain is faulty, notify the website so that it can be corrected. My guess is that if we polled the members of this website, we'd get a lot of conflicting "correct" info.

    The only valid info I'm aware of is the original order/build sheets, and even they are not definitive; for example, an '80 I owned specified a 350ci Chevy engine with HEI ignition and a GM Turbo-Hydramatic transmission (see below, the only build sheet I remember getting with any of my Avanti's). No horsepower/torque (or curb weight) given. I once owned a 1989 model (bought used) but didn't retain what little paperwork I had on that car. A collection of order sheets from each model year would be a good source of information, and that's something we could probably put together here on this website.

    Anyone know if the Avanti magazine has ever published a list of Avanti II specs by year?

    Actually, it just occurred to me that the book "Avanti" by Thomas Bonsell may have good info, but my copy is an early edition with limited info, having been published in 1979; Amazon currently lists 6 used copies of "Avanti" at reasonable prices and 1 new copy at an outrageous price ($860); but it's not clear which editions these are. There is also a listing on eBay for a late edition. The later years (after 1978) remain the years we have the least information about.

    1980 Avanti build sheet, sample.jpg

  12. Studegary, why not help them correct it by giving them feedback that corrects the errors you found?

    email them at:  ask(at)automobile-catalog.com

    ...or perhaps you know of a better source to get this sort of information by model year; if so, can you recommend a link?

  13. 21 hours ago, arkus said:

    the recaro front seats of my '83 need to be redone. i found a site that has the covers but they state specifically for 1980. is there any way to acertain if there were differences from '80 thru '83? at $299.00 a set that's around a grand less than i have been quoted to have them custom made! thanks for any help.

    Why not post photos of your seats? My guess is they are the same as the '80 seats, but that's only a guess.

    I believe the vendor you are referring to is Lseat. I recently sold an '80 Avanti and the new owner sent the old covers to Lseat to use for patterns.

    If your seats look like the photo I'm uploading, then chances are they fit... but ask Lseat if they have a restocking fee for returns (assuming they'll take returns).

    Or, remove the covers off one of your seats and send it to Lseat to have them make a comparison to their patterns (assuming they'll agree to return them if they don't match), maybe they'll give you a discount for giving them both covers if they want the pattern.


  14. Don't have a later Avanti, but my guess is it has something to do with unleaded gas and emissions, that the fuel tanks made for unleaded fuel have a different (smaller) filler tube specifically to prevent use of the old vented caps and pump fueling nozzles. Dunno when Avanti made that change. IIRC, when unleaded gas became law in the mid-70's even the fuel pump handle & nozzle assemblies were changed out (for a smaller diameter filler nozzle) so that leaded gas could not be pumped into an unleaded-gas vehicle by mistake during the transition (the old larger-diameter nozzles would not fit into the new filler tubes). If you could put an unvented cap on a vented-cap vehicle, vacuum would build in the tank and lines (and carburetor) as the fuel is used-up, which in turn would fight the suction of fuel pumps (as opposed to in-tank electric fuel pumps in cars which then need a fuel return line... those unleaded-gas tanks vent via other methods).

  15. Since most of the stopping power is the front brakes, in my opinion its probably not worth the money and effort.

    I recall seeing an Avanti with a rear conversion to disk at an Avanti car show, but that was long ago and I don't remember anything about it.

    Turner had a conversion, but my understanding is that they have been out of business for some years now... http://www.studebaker-info.org/Tech/Bhend/turnerreardisk.pdf

    Has been done on a '63; I don't know if 1983 has the same configuration rear axles/hubs. No kits currently available that I am aware of.

    There may be info in AOAI magazine issue 134 (circa 2006) about the '63 conversion, which was also written up here (starts after the front brake conversion):


    I believe the Avanti used a Dana 44 rear axle assembly, and Summit offers some conversion kits for them (dunno if they work on an Avanti):


    Here is a Youtube video about a conversion on a Jeep Dana 44:


  16. Avanti83, maybe you could help me out... I don't know how to access the pictures you "posted". All I see is a big rectangle around a small circle symbol with a dash in it. Clicking that symbol does nothing.

    One would hope for some forum instructions on accessing (and/or posting) pictures, but if there are any, I don't know how to get to them. When I POST pictures in a reply, the forum asks me to choose whether to upload the picture itself, or to allow the forum to just show a link to the picture; your post doesn't seem to have done either. I am suspecting your photos are hosted on a website that requires your personal (Avant83's) login.

  17. After some thought, and considering that the gauge worked before you installed a new sender, I'm going to withdraw my prior post above.

    I think the sending unit provides (variable) grounding and that perhaps you used a non-conductive (ie, not dielectric) sealant on the sending unit threads that prevents a ground connection. You could check this theory by using a test wire with alligator clips to connect the metal body of the sender to a grounded part on the engine to see if that gets the gauge working again. If it does, you'll need to remove the sending unit and thoroughly clean the threads in the block (wire bottle brush with some brake cleaner) and also clean the threads on the temp sending unit.

    Or, other possibilities are that the new sending unit is a) bad or b) not compatible with the new temperature gauge.

    To check to see if the sending unit is bad, you can probably use a multimeter to measure the ohms reading between the sending unit terminal and a solid ground to see if the reading changes as the engine warms. Here is a Youtube video showing how to check it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=puNKAW5Nurc

    Perhaps the gauge is not compatible with the sending unit... you may need to contact the gauge manufacturer to see what sender they'd recommend for a Chevy V8.

    For your further info, I did a search and found this on the net:  http://www.secondchancegarage.com/public/653.cfm

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