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  1. Darn, misspoke again: I meant to say "If anyone knows where I can find a direct replacement for this distribution block, please let me know."
  2. Also, I do not believe my valve is a proportioning valve, but rather it is a distribution block with a switch to light a dashboard warning light if either the front or rear brakes lose pressure. The valve has separate inlet and outlet ports and chambers for front and rear brake circuits, respectively, and a pressure switch between them that senses when pressure is lost in either circuit, illuminating a red warning light on the dashboard. If anyone knows where I can find a direct replacement for my switch, please let me know.
  3. BTW, I've been unable to find an exact replacement for my valve.
  4. Looks much different than the valve on my 1971 (which I believe to be original to the car, which I've owned since the 1990's)
  5. I believe my '80 (sold several years ago) had leather door panels. They looked the same as the seats and had stitching in the vertical seams. Click on the pic below:
  6. Gunslinger: I did not have any luck at Nostalgic when I tried that some time ago, I'll give Jon a try. Silverstude: I am not having any luck trying to look up a "combo valve" on that website, can you give me a link to that info?
  7. I am in need of a working brake fluid distribution block/warning switch (located beneath the master cylinder) for my '71 Avanti. I am not certain what model years the switch was used. As pictured.
  8. Why not clue others as to where that switch is located....
  9. They all came with glass covers, but there was a time when you couldn't find those glass covers; today's replacement covers are aftermarket. So if yours doesn't have them, my guess is that the trim "rings" are the same ones used for glass covers, therefore you should only need the glass and the gaskets (unless the owner who made the change substituted shorter screws).
  10. simplistic approach: do screen prints of each page, then send the screen prints to your printer.
  11. Do you need an electrical diagram? Do you have an Avanti workshop manual? According to the electrical diagram the fusebox is grounded to the frame mount of the voltage regulator (black wire).
  12. https://studebaker-info.org/Tech/rjwhlexc.html
  13. The vendor you reference sells parts for the original Studebaker Avanti, so they offer only the color choices that Studebaker offered. Avanti Motors would install any carpeting color/type the buyer wanted, so the carpeting material in your car could have come from anywhere. Visit a local automotive upholstery shop with a sample of your carpet and they will probably have books full of carpet samples you can peruse and try to match to your preference in color. Since you apparently have intact carpeting to use as a pattern, it should be no problem at all for them to make a new carpet set for your Avanti II.
  14. I don't think your membership includes access to back issues; new issues are mailed to you. So depending on when you paid your membership, you may or may not get the "latest issue". Unfortunately, I was late renewing, so I don't have that issue, either.
  15. If I were you, I'd take a flyer on this kit: https://www.ebay.com/itm/274665822843?hash=item3ff35bda7b:g:OEkAAOSwjR9gFZj- If that doesn't work you're not out much money. I also mentioned the "generic" antenna mast repair/replacement kits being sold on eBay; consider sending an eBay message to one or more of those sellers to see if they can tell you if they have a kit that works with your Harada antenna. Any number of new power antennas would work, the only issue being how to mount them. If you're willing to spend the money, any stereo installer can sell & install a new universal power antenna for you.
  16. The reason they are different is that Avanti II switched to a GM steering column with the ignition lock in the column, so it requires a GM-style ignition key; Avanti Motors continued using the original door handles/locks; the door lock cylinders are Studebaker (different than the column cylinder) hence different key types. Same issue with the glovebox lock; besides, in most modern cars the glovebox often requires a unique key so that a parking attendant (who needs the ignition key to park the car) does not have access to the glovebox (and by extension, the trunk, since the trunk button is inside the glovebox)
  17. From your photo it looks like your telescoping antenna is crimped, so rather than the new unit on eBay, if your motor runs perhaps you can find a cheaper HIA antenna being sold for parts that may have a good antenna.
  18. https://www.ebay.com/itm/353155441986?hash=item5239b46542:g:OGsAAOSwcOBfI4z~
  19. Can't answer your question directly (hopefully someone else may have wrestled with this issue), but I've replaced power antenna units on Jaguar XJS. Also I replaced just the mast (and the plastic cord insert inside it) on a 1993 Toyota (like this part on eBay: https://is.gd/Y4caI9 )... don't really remember much about that except it was easier than I thought it would be and the part came with instructions; you could contact the seller of these eBay replacement masts, giving them your antenna shaft diameter and extended length measurements to see if they have one that would work. Since you have the motor removed, are there any manufacturer markings (model name/number) on it, such as "Hirschmann"? If so, Google whatever info you find to see if you can source Hirschmann replacement parts. Also, there are universal replacement power antennas on eBay (quality unknown): one claims to fit '66-'90 Avanti. another for '72 Avanti, another that supposedly fits '66-'77 Avanti, etc. Last resort: try Avanti Motorcars: https://is.gd/MirTIh (their website is sketchy, you'll need to phone them).
  20. I'm not all that knowledgeable on sunroofs, just collected info in case I needed it. I think the ASC info may have come with the papers I got with the '80 I owned, so I assumed it referenced the sunroof on that car... don't know if they still carry parts for that sunroof model, or even if the company is still in existence, you'll have to research it. I misspoke about "email" (there's no way I could get your email address) ...check your profile to see if there is a message there for you.
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