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  1. If I interpret the shop manual correctly there isn't a torque spec. Read page 8 in the brakes section: lower right paragraph, "Installation" step 4.
  2. Forgot to mention it may need pipe thread size adapters to connect to the Avanti brake tubing; adapters are available at auto parts stores.
  3. Dorman M64822 @ Walmart: https://www.walmart.com/search?q=Dorman+M64822
  4. Many years ago, around 1978 I had my Avanti II (1966 model, IIRC) automatic transmission rebuilt and was told it was a Ford transmission. I think it was the same transmission used by the Studebaker Avanti's, but I'm not sure of that. As a side story, I had an accident involving that transmission just before the rebuild: I came home late one wintry Sunday night after a night out drinking, and parked my Avanti close beside my house, on my driveway, in about 3 inches of snow. By the next morning there was about 6 or 7 inches of snow on the ground. Before leaving for work I needed to do a couple of chores in my 2 1/2 car detached garage behind the house, and so before doing that, I started my Avanti and turned on the heater so it would warm the car for my trip by the time I completed my tasks in the garage. Some minutes later, while I was puttering in my dark garage, there suddenly was a very loud "crash" and brilliant daylight filled the garage. My Avanti had crashed through one of the two metal garage doors! It turned out the car had several problems (including one that I didn't know about), and a third that I caused; they joined forces to cause the accident... Problem 1 was that the transmission was wearing out; the seals were going bad and it needed a rebuild because it was beginning to slip (especially when cold; it was fine as soon as it warmed up). Problem 2 was that, unbeknownst to me, the shifter electrical lockout switch that prevents the car from starting if the transmission isn't in "Park' position, had failed. Problem 3 was that I had inadvertently left the car in "drive" when I parked it (being half "in the bag" after drinking). So, I had parked the car and turned it off the night before, carelessly leaving the gearshift lever in "Drive" and didn't notice that in the morning; the lockout switch problem allowed the car to be started even though the gearshift was in "Drive", the cold morning exacerbated the transmission slippage such that the car did not move when it was started because the transmission slipped badly, but as the car warmed, the transmission seals began working, and the car picked up speed as it traveled about 30 feet through 6 inches of fresh fluffy snow to crash into my garage.
  5. Out of curiosity, why do you want to do that? I always think of hood pins as a precaution for race cars with a front-lifting hood to ensure against the hood flying open and blinding the driver and/or breaking the windscreen during a race. They also allow the race car to shed the weight of the catches and the cabling and handle mechanism to actuate them. Not an issue on an Avanti. So what is your purpose?
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