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  1. I have an aftermarket Stewart Warner speedo and I suppose I would have been happy with it but it has no hi-beam indicator light! I believe I have sourced a 140 mph can but really want the original script on the Studebaker speedo. I didn't notice until recently that for both the 140 & 160 speedo, all the numbers follow each other around the dial except for the last numbers (140 or 160) which are turned in the opposite direction for easier reading, one would guess. The Studebaker International faceplate I see listed in the catalog looks nothing like the original which is ideally what I want.
  2. I'm looking for a 160 speedometer for my '63 Avanti. If that's not possible I was wondering if an AUTHENTIC looking faceplate re-pop has been made?
  3. It's like Christmas in May!
  4. Regarding whether the engine was intended for a production vehicle, did Studebaker or Newman-Altman keep the loaded production orders for the cars in cue to be built? If we knew how many orders were taken for R3 R4 cars.....
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