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  1. I’m sure you are correct. This photo was taken in California but probably before the plant closure.
  2. Not much for hints but this photo should work as the answer.
  3. Someone made them out of brass once.
  4. What was Egbert’s license plate number?
  5. Probably all three would qualify but looks and sake of change were probably the main drivers.
  6. Easier to adapt to the throttle?
  7. The plastic bushing down by the rag joint.
  8. Nelson


    Don’t know how you can make this judgement call when we don’t have the drag coefficient numbers for the 53 Studebaker or the Avanti? No offense and you maybe correct but this statement is your assumption not based on comparing facts.😊
  9. Nelson

    Leno Avanti?

    I think he also mentioned wanting a Super Lark when he toured the Studebaker National Museum.
  10. If you contact the Studebaker museum they may have the computer punch card available. That will have the original name and address of the original owner and sale date.
  11. Nelson

    Leno Avanti?

    I think Leno did say he would like to have a Super Lark.
  12. I solved my frame corrosion problems……..I don’t drive them in the winter and avoid rain in the summer. Easy and cheap solution!
  13. For what it’s worth I always had problems using old F style fluid. On trips to South Bend from Cincinnati I would check the blower fluid after the first 150 miles. When using type F fluid I was not able to pull the dipstick out of the blower without the use of a multiple layer rag….it was just way too hot. I changed to Mobile synthetic trans fluid and could check the fluid at any time with my bare fingers pulling out the dip stick. I’ve had pretty close to no problems for the last twenty years.
  14. I think the wick is correct. If I remember right the wick let the water out but not in. The headlights would fog up in the morning when water vapor got on the backside. Needed to turn headlights on to heat the fogged area and clear the lenses.
  15. Nelson


    Correct. The small holes around the bottom of the breathers were silver soldered shut. Sort of odd when it could still vent around the clearance between the breather tube and the breather.
  16. Looks like a nice car. I think your first photo of the driver’s side should be replaced. It makes it appear that the side crease line has been repaired and spot painted. I’m pretty certain it’s just a reflection? I imagine it will sell.
  17. Nelson


    That’s true, Dwight. What I was referring to was the valve cover breathers.
  18. Nelson


    What modification was made to the R3 breather system in order to pass New York pollution standards?
  19. Nelson


    New York is right .
  20. Nelson


    What state had similar emission requirements to California’s in 1964.
  21. A friend has a 63 R2 4 speed Avanti. It’s an aggressive project but thought I’d run it by you. Missing engine and transmission. California car so solid frame. Poor interior. Needs about everything. Has clean title. If you have an interest I can get you a price or put you in touch with the owner. It is a rough car but is/ was an R2 4 speed.
  22. If you still have one left I’d appreciate getting it. Let me know the mailing cost etc.

    Nels Bove 4560 Walton Creek Rd Cincinnati Ohio 45243

    1. Parklife


      Sure thing - I have two left and one of them is now yours.  Just got back from sending some out this evening so it'll be tomorrow before I can get it in the mail. Sorry about the delay.  No charge to ship one out; I got sent a box full of them by mistake so I don't feel right accepting money.

      I'll drop you a PM with the tracking number once it's sent!


    2. Nelson


      I appreciate it. I’ll buy you a beer at one of the meets.


  23. Dwight. I used to wonder why there were round light Avantis after 4892 but I’m pretty certain I figured it out. I believe body shells or partially fitted or partially completed Avantis were pulled from the assembly line and put into repair bays due to assembly issued or lack of certain optional parts etc. These cars languished in a repair bay until the required repair was done or part arrived. Some round light 64’s are almost all 64 ie post 4892 and some are practically all pre 4892. This tells me there was no pool of round light bodies they needed to get rid of.
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