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  1. Is the pad thickness the same on these versus stock or is it reduced to account for the thicker backing plate? Also, I assume these will wear down to metal against metal where as the stock unit has a built in positive stop?
  2. Nelson

    R3 Problem!

    Dave had a failure on an R4. He was able to sleeve the cylinder and save the engine.
  3. Nelson

    R3 Problem!

    WhenStudebaker received the shipment of R3 rods they failed inspection for the wrist pin diameter was at the high limit. The rods got approved with a deviation permit. I know of several failures due to the wrist pin broaching the cylinders. With possibly 50 of 110 or so engines using the R3 rod, several is a pretty high failure rate.
  4. Nelson

    R3 Problem!

    I didn’t know they had an oil pump problem. I know Lionel Stone tried making R3 pumps out of standard pumps by boring the gear pockets deeper and using six cylinder pump gears. Dwight, didn't you have a failure on one of your R3’s using this setup?
  5. Just to make sure all is ok, it might be a good idea to pull the plugs and see if the starter spins it over faster.
  6. Just a thought but did you overhaul the engine while it was out? If so, are you sure it’s together right and spins freely with a torque wrench with plugs out? Probably not the case but it’s always best to check now before you reinstall.
  7. i think there are over 50 reservations so far so attendance may be pretty decent.
  8. Just wondering how many here will be going to st Louis for the AOAI Nationals in mid June. Rooms at the meet headquarters hotel were reopened for awhile so if you are going it might be a good idea to make a reservation to get the discount price? It is a substantial discount over their standard fare.
  9. It looks good, Brad. The steering wheel looks a little different than production units.
  10. Well the pack rats sure seem to like that one. Looks like it could be southern Arizona or California? Air conditioning so maybe R4 or maybe just an R3 tach. The turquoise sure is nice. Must be somewhat of a refresh as the seat belt material looks too new.
  11. Dwight. What’s the story on the Avanti in the photo? I notice it has a very early R3/4 tach.
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