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  1. Nelson

    Avanti Gift!

    5625? The Prestolite car.
  2. Tennis balls at the top of fully extended antennas. It was quit a site to see that winter. No Avanti was even partially visible.
  3. I don’t think any of those were “production” cars.
  4. I’ll give it to you Dwight even though they didn’t change the material. What they did was to dye existing and usable salt and pepper pieces black and used them. Quite often you will see this as they fade the salt and pepper starts to show its face.
  5. Tha R5 had two tone and no stripe.
  6. Maybe on some but not what I’m looking for.
  7. What cost savings did Studebaker apply with the 1964 Avanti carpets. Not size, color, number of pieces or vinyl around seat base.
  8. Remembering back in the 70’s during a visit to the Avanti factory and noticing their unique method of identifying the location of their storage lot inventory. Any guesses?
  9. Nelson

    Flashy R3!

    That theory sounds plausible for the 1963 cars that we’ve seen with stripes but the version I remember is that the stripes on the 64 cars were added while at Paxton Products. Andy G , showman that he was, wanted the cars to look sporty for the press. He hired a local guy who did pin striping to letter all the cars at Paxton at the time. That included the Hot Rod R3 Daytona, the Bonneville competition cars, the Road tested R2 Commander and probably anything else at Paxton that appeared worthy of some glitter work. The pin stripes were white gold leaf with a black pin stripe border. The one potential deviation from this might be the #2 Bonneville Daytona convertible which had a single stripe down the center. I’ve owned that car since I was about 18 years old. The only virgin unpainted part of that car is the cowl grill. That part still has the stripe on it and that stripe appears to be white with red border stripe on one side and blue border stripe on the other. When the car eventually is restored it will get that striping.
  10. Nelson

    Super Label!

    I can’t remember for sure without looking but they might be hand written.
  11. Nelson

    Avanti Swap!

    Since it’s warm inside I thought I’d do the intelligent thing and compare part numbers for the two housings, ie the Lark/ Hawk type and the Avanti type. There are two different part numbers so you are probably correct. I’ve done the clocking to get a Lark type to work on an Avanti but it was Many years ago and it must have had the holes drilled all the way around the housing like many you see out there.
  12. Nelson

    Avanti Swap!

    Ok. I would have tried that but it’s zero outside and not much warmer in the garage.
  13. Lawn mower throttle cable 🤪
  14. This site is enjoyable. You have to have a sense of humor once in awhile.😀
  15. Nelson

    Avanti Swap!

    Here are some photos of a side mount setup with no extra holes in the blower also a photo of an R2 Hawk/Lark blower bracket next to an Avanti blower bracket. Each take three mounting holes/bolts to secure the supercharger and the bolt spacings look to be the same. So I’m fairly certain blowers can be interchanged if the front end is fastened at the mounting holes and the rear scroll is clocked for the correct outlet location.
  16. Nelson

    Avanti Swap!

    Hmmm. When the snow quits I’ll have to go out and take a look at that. Well, maybe when it warms up after the snow quits.
  17. Well, believe it or not, this was intended as a genuine question. I see some saying red felt was correct but I can’t remember anything but black. However, I had an Avanti with a black felt that turned red with age. I always wondered how that would happen. An artist/photographer friend of mine explained that blacks contain a lot of red dye and wasn’t surprised that the black felt would fade to red. Anyone out there that really remembers red felt when the cars were young?
  18. What was the original color of the felt in the 63&64 Avanti vanity's?
  19. What was the original color of the felt in the 63&64 Avanti vanity's?
  20. Nelson

    Avanti Swap!

    I think the extra holes you are talking about are for brand X mounting configurations.
  21. Nelson

    Avanti Swap!

    I don’t think you need to drill extra or different mounting holes. The Lark Paxton bolts on the Avanti bracket ok but the output hose would be in the wrong location. There are plenty of available threaded holes available so the back of the case gets rotated to fit the Avanti orientation. The dip stick location remains constant.
  22. Nelson

    Avanti Swap!

    case is clocked differently and dual belt Avant and single on Lark, Hawk. Exception being R3 Lark.
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