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  1. A few years ago my brake light switch was changed from hydraulic to mechanical. The brake lights worked for "some time". Now, not working. The mechanical switch was connected to the pressure light wires that head back to brake lights. Current diagnosis is that turn switch is defective as it feeds power to brake lights. Does that make sense? Fuse is good, both bulb filaments are functional (have park lights and turn signal on both sides), and mechanical switch checks ok. What to do? Thanks, BillyBob
  2. Understand and appreciate. "Some" have indicated the RePop parts are ill-fitting. What say The Forum?
  3. Long worn, my door weather strip (top, just under drip rail) is well-past replace/rebuild. Is there a home-brew remedy for repairing this? ...looks like there might be 6 - or so - screws holding weather strip in place. See image for dangling weather strip. Thanks, Bill
  4. Thanks - exactly what I was trying to find!
  5. I recall seeing a string a while back about replacing the pressure-activated brake light switch with a mechanical switch mounted under the dash and activated by depressing the pedal. Can't find it in a search - help appreciated! Thanks, Bill
  6. Subject says it "all". When was then dual-chamber master used on Studebaker Avanti? ...if at all.
  7. My '63 R1 Avanti, R4314, is reported (see pg. F-198 of Avanti Authenticity Manual) as being the first car built with black (vs salt and pepper/turquiose and black) carpeting on floor and door panels. I have Production Order & Window Sticker (file attached; sticker indicates Avanti Turquoise exterior paint (P6332), carpets/lower door panels/floor as turquoise and black, optional Regal trim (923, pleated doors/seat inserts) with turquoise (TQV) upholstery) . I've also established contact with Alan Basile, Authenticity Manual co-author, to correct. What else - if anything - to do? Many thanks for thoughts & response! R4314 Window Sticker smaller file.pdf
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