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  1. Send me a link to your post that you want deleted and I can delete it for you. I do need to look into seeing if I can change the preferences so forum users can also delete their own posts, instead of just editing them. Lew
  2. To delete a post, click on the three dots on the upper right corner of any post and choose "delete"
  3. AOAI Indiana Chapter member, Constance Erdelac, is offering for sale in an online AUCTION @ Rachael Davis Fine Arts, a Raymond Loewy art portfolio, from the estate of her father, Joe Erdelac, a former Studebaker dealer. Proceeds from this item being auctioned off will be donated by Constance to the AOAI Indiana Chapter College Scholarship program. THANKS Constance, for your generosity! Here is the link to the auction site and this particular Loewy item: https://www.racheldavisfinearts.com/lots/view/1-3HI6NY/raymond-loewy-portfolio And here is
  4. lschuc

    R3 (or bust!)

    Ed. the other thing you might try instead of adapting your "regular" control arms might be using more modern Delrin bushings in place of the rubber bushings. The manifold heat should not bother them and they are virtually as stiff as the solid steel bushings.
  5. I remember your Avanti... and loved the paint at the show. Your picture doesn't do it justice, even better in the sun! You should send it to me to place in Avanti Magazine.
  6. Thanks!! I noticed that the owner was a member of the AOAI in 2000 and for a few years later, but not recently. On my TheAvanti.com registry, it was posted in 2003: R2 4 speed with T/T. Orig. color Gold now white. Final production date Jan.7th 1963. First sold in Reno as per order on Dec 17. Records indicate car spent its life in So.Cal until Nov.97. Many time show winner. All stock and original. The car apparently was sold and went to the current owner in New York State at the end of 1997. So as Southern California car, I'm guessing that the frame and torque boxes are fairly
  7. It would be helpful if the car was running and driving, but be prepared to put what could amount to quite a bit of money in the car. Depending on how much fuel was in the gas tank when parked, much could be gone, or turned to sludge. You could drain the tank and find out how much or how little fuel remains by removing the rubber hose under the tank above the center of the rear axle. As for the brake, be prepared to at minimum, replace all the brake caliper and wheel cylinder seals, and at most, replace everything, all the disk brake calipers and rear wheel cylinders, consider how lo
  8. People often refer to the torque boxes as "hog troughs", but these are steel structures under the body, and directly behind each rocker panel, stretching from the front door pillar to just behind each rear wheel. They should be solid with no signs of rust through.
  9. Thanks for providing the pictures. It looks like a decent used Avanti, but not all original, ie; black paint under the hood (should be body color), aftermarket GM alternator and not detailed. The interior looks nice enough, but worn and wrong colors in some areas. It looks like it has not been started in a long time so you did well by not trying to start the engine. Most likely the brake will not work and need to be refurbished. On the plus side, it is an R2 (supercharged) model from 1963 and would be a four speed transmission. It can take quite a bit of money to get it running, depending
  10. AVANTI II 1971 for SALE Mileage: 22,762 Price: $14,500 Date: June 1, 2020 AVANTI II 1971 / South Bend, IND / Update PARTS STATUS ESTIMATE BODY Shell no flaws Paint (silver) needs to be re-painted $2000 Windows
  11. The classified ad for both of Dick's Avantis, the 1964 and a 1984 are listed in the current issue of Avanti Magazine, along with a picture of each.
  12. This prototype body was on display for awhile at the Studebaker National Museum, before going to Virgil Marple's farm. It was sold today in the estate auction.
  13. EX2942 was sent to Paxton/Granatelli on March 20, 1962 and was the Duo Cento Bonneville car.
  14. You are ALL WRONG!! There were 10 prototype cars built, all with EX serial numbers. One (EX2943) was later destroyed by fire. They were all built between January 18 and April 20, 1962. They all have an EX serial number, a prototype number, and FOUR EX cars received a final assigned serial number (two for the New York auto show and two for the engineering and PR). See the attached image from John Hull's prototype book distributed at the 2018 AOAI national meet in Tacoma, Washington.
  15. Please accept our concern for AOAI members, family, friends or co-workers presently or in the future affected by the COVID-19 virus. The health and welfare of each and every AOAI member is of prime importance to the national board, and while current health conditions are unknown across America for later this summer and fall, at our press deadline of May 4 for Avanti Magazine, the local Gateway Chapter meet committee, in coordination with your national board, made the decision out of an abundance of caution to cancel this year’s national meet planned for September 9-12. Few registrations h
  16. lschuc


    No... not my car. It's for a client of Brad's. And it is NOT base/clear. Single stage like original. 😎
  17. Just click on the picture of the truck in this forum thread and the video should start playing.
  18. Here is the jacking instructions from the truck that I scanned and cleaned up, and is sized the same as the original instruction sheet. Studebaker printed these on regular white paper and glued them to either the trunk lid, or more often to the bottom of the spare tire cover. Jacking Instructions.pdf
  19. lschuc

    Avanti Tires!

    False. The #9 Avanti I believe had different tires, and the Duo Cento also had similar tires.
  20. The AOAI has a number of members in the Denver area. Check the new roster you would have received last month. If you're not a member, you can join online.
  21. Try Nostalgic Motorcars in Wixom Michigan.
  22. Obituary Johnny M. Thiele, 63, of Vandalia, Illinois, passed away Wednesday, January 22, 2020, at the Fayette County Hospital, Vandalia, IL. Services will be held at 11:00 AM, Tuesday, January 28, 2020, at the First United Methodist Church, Vandalia, IL with Rev. Don Price, officiating. Burial will follow at Fairlawn Cemetery, Vandalia, IL. Visitation will be held from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM, Monday, January 27, 2020, at the First United Methodist Church, Vandalia, IL and 1 hr. prior to the the service on Tuesday. Memorials: Parkview Free Methodist Church "Backpacks" and/or FUMC "Co
  23. lschuc

    AOAI Board!

    Give up??? The answer is in your last few issues of Avanti Magazine. 😎
  24. lschuc

    new calendars

    It is usually less cost to send one calendar per envelope, since two or more in one package is too heavy to go as 1st class large envelope mailing. That then requires priority mail which is anywhere from $7-$9, depending on the distance and weight.
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