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  1. r1lark

    Avanti Part!

    Front motor mount insulator. I always wondered if the "60" was the durometer measurement of the hardness of the rubber............anyone know?
  2. I always spin the pushrod several times without lifting up on it, then spin some more and slowly lift up. If it feels heavy, STOP and let it down, then spin the pushrod some more, and repeat. I'm sure there are other ways though.
  3. That sounds like way too much, so I'll say FALSE.
  4. Shoot, you got me again Ed! Guess I just wasn't detailed enough this time. Looked at the parts manual wrong...........yes, originally they WERE different, then the R2 changed to the same p/n as the R1. I had mentioned somewhere recently that I can't scan something quickly any more and be sure I'm correct - this is a good example of that. Just getting older.
  5. Look at your parts manual Ed. And yes, ultimately the answer is False (except for those early R1/R2 engines). But the devil is in the details, I've learned to be very detailed with the responses to your Trivia questions.
  6. r1lark

    Avanti Disco!

    False, they are different, I found that out a number of years ago -- the 3 speed disc is thinner than the 4 speed disc.
  7. r1lark

    Avanti Stick!

    R1 & R2 engines got Borg & Beck clutches on both the 3 speeds and 4 speeds. I can't tell you what the R3's had.............
  8. They were at first, but early on there was a change and a different p/n was called out for the R2 engines. IIRC, this applied to Avantis and Hawk/Lark JT/JTS engines. Of course, if you got the transistor ignition, that was yet another different coil.
  9. Avanti forward battery hold down bracket, p/n 1351467, fits 1963 Avantis before serial number 4892. Used, but very very little use judging by condition. Rubber coating is not peeling off anywhere, and no acid damage that I can see. See pictures. $10 plus actual USPS shipping cost. PayPal is preferred payment method. Send message via this Forum if interested.
  10. Thanks regnalbob, I see it now. Don't know how I missed that, it's plain as day. Just getting old I guess, I can't scan pages quickly any more.
  11. I have run out of ideas. Looked in service letters, parts manual, and shop manual but have found nothing. 🤣 And now this stupid emoji appeared and I can't get rid of it.
  12. False. The rear cam bearing is fed from a different oil passage than the front four.
  13. r1lark

    Avanti Oil!

    1000 miles..............
  14. r1lark

    Avanti Vac!

    It's a Bendix Master-Vac.
  15. r1lark

    Avanti Order!

    "Ship duplicate order of" Was it telegraph, or teletype?
  16. r1lark

    Avanti Knock!

    I always use Loctite on those bolts.
  17. r1lark

    Avanti SS!

    One source quoted Brooks Stevens saying they moved the engine back "........by about 29 inches..........". So, the closest to that is #3, 28 inches. (Of course, if you don't agree with that, my next response will be #4, 31 inches. )
  18. r1lark

    Avanti Knock!

    I believe more common is the caliper mounting bracket bolts that bolt the bracket to the spindle loosening up.
  19. r1lark

    Avanti Vent!

    False, the hole in the gasket goes to the rear, and the vent hole in the cover goes to the front. Same as any T-86.
  20. Do we know the exact differences between a standard 289 crank and the R3/R4 cranks? I've seen comments that the counterweights were a little larger, and the fillets on the journals have a larger radius (I think Alan posted that way back when), and also the journal sizes were slightly different to provide slightly more bearing clearance.
  21. False......................
  22. #1, "creative sensibility", sounds to me like a term Raymond would use.................so I'll say #1.
  23. Murph, what publication did that ad appear in?
  24. That's why I erased my first answer. Had initially put 'true', but after reading Service Letter J-1964-9, June 24, 1964 there was no indication that the kit wouldn't work on a OHV 6. If I understand how the Studebaker (actually made by Prestolite) Transistor Ignition works, the points trigger the ignition box to spark, so should not care whether it's a 6 or 8. However............your wording of the system being "optional" made me think twice about saying the answer was "false". Was the transistor ignition ever listed on any of the '64 Studebaker option lists for the non-R series engines?
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