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Stock seats and taller people.

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Im only 6' tall, but I play hell getting out of my 63 Avanti. Is there any way to modify the seat channels to go back a little more ? I also feel like the steering wheel is in my chest.  It has a stock steering wheel and Im almost ready to get an aftermarket that's a couple inches less in diameter to see if that helps much at least as far as getting in and out. 



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Yes you can move the seat further back. It has been done before, I will let those who have done it explain how,.

I believe you can also change steering wheels. Grant do an adaptor for the Avanti to fit other steering wheels.


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I'm 6'3" and ran into the same issue.  I did buy and install a smaller diameter steering wheel.  I bought a Grant but any make and style you like should work with the appropriate Grant adapter kit.  I'm not sure but I believe the Grant kit is #4286.  you can look it up for sure on Grants website.  You can buy them from Summit Racing.

When my '70 Avanti was being rebuilt the guy doing the work extended the rails on the seat base by welding in an extension.  It did work but I eventually replaced the stock seats with Recaro seats and bought a set of sliders and mounting frame from Wedge Engineering in CA as they had the plans for it.  


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7 hours ago, VWandSTUDEBAKER said:

Well I guess no one knows or wont say. 

Just remove the seat and you will see that the front mounts need to be extended as GS says. IT will be self evident when it's out. I'm 6'3" and a set of Pontiac G6 seats with custom mounts work fine. I need to be careful not to hit my head on entry but they are very comfortable when inside.

I'm not sure what year you have but unless they are Recaro's they are wanting for comfort.

In progress




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