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Looking for a car cover for the 63.  Who makes the best fit?  The car is being stored in my garage where I am working on another car and want a form-fitting one for the car and will be putting a larger on over to further protect.



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I bought a Covercraft WeatherShield HD cover for my Avanti-II online from the Cover Store in Carrolton, Texas. 

Covercraft covers are custom made to fit your exact vehicle.  

Our 1964 Studebaker Avanti WeatherShield™ HD custom gray car cover by Covercraft&reg. This cover is designed specifically to give the highest level of protection in the most sun-intense environments. Its dense construction sheds water completely and remains fully breathable while it blocks dust, pollen, and tree sap better than any Covercraft car cover - making it ideal for long term storage outside. Custom-shaped to your 1964 Studebaker Avanti, the bottom edging of this cover features elastic for a snug fit.

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I have a Covercraft (Sunbrella) cover on my '63 Hawk - fits great - $546; and a Platinum Shield cover for my '64 Wagonaire - also fits great - $170. The Covercraft Weathershield HD on the Avanit was $375.  Prices are all over the place but as long as the fit is good and the cover does its job, I can't say one is better than the other.  I am preferential to the Sunbrella material, though and the fit of the cover on the Hawk.




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