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electric window motor

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39 minutes ago, Patrick said:

My 1985  electric window motors need help.  Any idea what motor was being used in '85?

What do you mean by "need help"?  Do they work at all or try to work?  Perhaps the tracks need adjustment and the mechanism needs lubrication.  The motors can probably be repaired/rebuilt.  Off hand, I do not know what motor was used in 1985 (to directly answer your question).

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Rollers for the window guides are available from Studebaker International.

The motors are available from any auto parts store. Motors are from a 90's Chrysler LeBaron. Just switch the drivers and passenger door side.

The gear drive inside the motor can be rebuilt, kits available from any auto parts store.

Good luck,

Jim Wood

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Hello I have an 89.  Window Motor World in FL has rebuilt both the motors on my car.  The driver's do side has broken 3 times.  They repaired it ea. time on warranty.  They are good and the tech man knows his stuff.  904-758-2444 it their number in FL.  My mechanic and I have concluded (I cleaned and repainted and he put new grease on the window parts.  I forgot to put in new rollers.

Anyway upon close inspection we see all the adj. bolts on the left door have cracked fiberglass door panels.  When putting the window up and door the fiberglass is flexing badly.  On left we adj. the two stops at bottom of window run as high as they go and put a cut rubber hose on each.  This stops the window when lowered at a higher spot and flexes the door panel less.

Also we found that the window went up and down ok with door was closed.  When door is opened it (the window) was binding halfway up.  Conclusion the cracked fiberglass may have weakened the whole door.

I am going to try using fiberglass cloth and adding that to the bottom half of the door.  Then riveting a piece of sheet metal across the bottom face of the door.  The panel should still go on the door I hope.

We also had to install new console window switches.



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