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"Original" Paint


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I have a '63 that my Dad bought in the mid 1970's from a guy that was an original Studebaker dealer owner in Dodge City, KS who said he was original owner. The car is all original, but I remember my dad having discussions with judges at Studebaker Conventions concerning a re-paint. If I remember correctly the judges questioned the paint being original because they saw some evidence of a re-paint. I remember him telling them that the car was sold new with the existing paint, but that the seller told him some amount of touch up or repaint was done - either by the dealer or shipped back to Studebaker for it. I think it had to do with a flaw from the factory not any kind of damage.

My questions are 1) Were paint and/or fiberglass flaws from the factory a fairly common or at least plausible issue; and 2) In the case of a problem would it be normal for the dealer to repair it or for it to be sent back to Studebaker?

I do know that every time it came up with judges they seemed to accept his explanation as he won several first place trophies. I just wish I had paid more attention (although I was in elementary school at the time) or asked him about it before he passed away.

Any info greatly appreciated.

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I don't think some repaint was required would be all that unusual. Not just Avantis, Studebakers in general or other makes. There's photos out there of Avantis in the factory with bits of tape all over them from inspectors marking where there were finishing issues to be addressed. Avanti bodies from Molded Fiberglass came painted and anything could have occurred during shipping or while waiting in inventory to be lowered onto a chassis...no matter how carefully they were treated.

Don't discount something happening during shipping to a dealer or on a dealer's lot prior to sale. I once was watching Fords being backed off the delivery truck at the local dealer some years ago...the car was driven off the ramps and either the ramp was set wrong or the driver made an error and the car slipped sideways and hung up.

In my state there's a law addressing new vehicle damage on the dealer lot...under $1000 damage it does not have to be disclosed to the buyer...over that threshold it has to be disclosed and what kind of repairs were necessary. There is the fact that things happen in parking lots.

It certainly is a plausible issue. I can't see it being returned to Studebaker without some serious problem or a serious complaint causing the factory to want it back rather than allow the dealership to repair it...unless the Studebaker dealer in question didn't know what to with a fiberglass car or the lacquer paint rather than standard enamel.

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I've always felt that Studebaker Avantis received a higher level of 'pre delivery care' than other Studebaker passenger cars...but ANYTHING could have occurred to that Avanti before your Father bought it (causing some paint damage which required re-finishing)

It's entirely plausible the selling dealer's body shop did some touch up work to your family's Avanti.

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