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R2 spark plug recommendations

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What plugs should be used on my '63 R2?

...appreciate thoughts & thanks.

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Factory recommendation was Champion J-10Y.  While many have specific brands of spark plugs they liked any brand that cross references to that will work.  Of course...any brand catalog that lists Studebaker Avanti will have their own recommendation but who knows how many companies list Studebaker anymore?  

Many years ago I worked for JC Penney in their auto center.  I used their house brand spark plugs in the '63 R1 I owned at the time...they worked just fine.  The JC Penney brand spark plugs and tuneup parts were made for them by Prestolite.  That was before so many parts were made offshore.  

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IIRC (and I may not), the factory recommendation was Champion J-12Y, or J-10Y (a colder plug) if fouling occurs.

Champion J-12Y crosses to NGK XR4.  Some on the forum have recommended Autolite 437.  Others have recommended Bosch 7517.



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Keeps getting more complicated - removed Champion J12YC ( C may be a G?) - made in USA.

Rock Auto has ACDelco R43S (copper plus at $1.62), Champion 10 (copper plus at $1.78), Motorcraft SP474 (nickel at $3.76),  ACDelco 7 (platinum at $3.07), and ACDelco 41833 (double platinum - pricy at $5.68 ea). Quite the variation in "upgraded" plugs. Worth the bucks? See screen print.

Thanks to all!

Rock Auto spark plugs.jpg

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