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Project 1982 Complete


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It's amazing how much time and money it took to bring our 1982 Avanti up to the shape it needed to be in.  Purchased in May 2023, I went through the entire car, front to back, mechanical, electrical, Interior and exterior except paint.  $9000 in parts and countless hours of labor and she is all but refurbished to where we are happy with her.  I did all the work in my home garage, didn't take it to any shop except for the new true dual exhaust and wheels/tires.  Shoot, I even bought the turntables, caster camber gauge and Toe Bar to align the front end after rebuilding it.  The last thing that I did was to replace the old Fog Lights with some new ones that are now recessed behind the bumper and centered under the headlights.  We like it and hope you do too!

Body 1.jpg

Body Ft a.JPG


Body Side.JPG

Body Trunk.JPG

engine left.JPG

Seat Driver.JPG

Interior Seat Rr.JPG

Seat Door Panel L.JPG

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