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Ignition key cylinder


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On 2/25/2023 at 6:10 PM, Thom said:

Does anyone know where the ignition key cylinder for a 1987 Avanti was sourced from, and also the ignition switch?

Do you have a specific issue with the ignition key cylinder or ignition switch?  If so,  we may be able offer solutions from our experience.

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Thank you wdaly for the offer. Engine was dead in the water and I was just tracking all the possible culprits (I always expect the worst). It appears that it may have been a battery issue although the battery is only 6 months old. Took it in and yes it was bad, exchanged for new one and will be putting it tomorrow. Being a rookie I was going down the list; battery, alternator, starter solenoid. starter, ignition key cylinder, ignition switch?

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