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  1. The Corvette washer reservoir arrived.......and of course it does not fit (Corvettes must use a lot of windshield cleaner), so it will be returned. Guess I will attempt to track down the leak and see if it can be repaired.
  2. Thanks pantera928. Yes, Dan Booth does have them and he is real proud of them at $120 each. Not my favorite vendor anyway. I ordered a replacement for a '63 Corvette that looks like it may fit. If not, I'll return it. Jon Myer said these were used from late 70's thru late 80's, odd that they can't be found anywhere.
  3. Still looking for a windshield washer reservoir for my '87 Mike Kelly, South Bend built Avanti. It measures 12" long, 6" wide and 3" tall, white color. Any '87 to '91 owners out there familiar with this reservoir? I did find one for a '63 Corvette that is similar in shape but can't find the dimension for it. I am pretty certain that mine is not an "Avanti" part but I can not find who may have manufactured it.
  4. OK, received the replacement unit from AvantiParts.biz and it does appear to be identical to the one in the tank. Had a friend over to hopefully assist me in replacing the unit. Fiddling around with the new unit it does appear that there is a slim chance that we may be able to get it to fit. However, upon closer inspection of the area above the existing unit there are two solid fuel lines running directly above the unit that make it virtually impossible to remove the unit without removing these fuel lines. It appears that the sending unit was installed before the tank and fuel lines were installed. A masterpiece in engineering and design. Insulation replaced, fiberglass backing reinstalled, and seat back installed. New sending unit returned to its box and retained to be passed along to the next lucky owner of the car. Now its on to the speedometer issues. Everyone have a wonderful day. 😂😂😂
  5. At what time did the square headlights appear on the Avanti?
  6. Thanks wdaly, I did locate the speedometer cable right where you said it would be. That project is now on my ever growing list.
  7. Thank you pantera928. I have not ordered a new sending unit as of yet. Was waiting to remove the existing one first to make sure I got the correct replacement.
  8. wdaly, thank you for the response. There are actually two rear decks on my '87. The very rear deck has two speakers and there is another deck immediately above the rear seat. That one appears to be riveted in. I am not that familiar with all the Avanti years but that front rear deck may have been added when the rear seat area was expanded by 8 to 9 inches on the LSC model. I do know that the rear quarter window is about 8 inches longer than the standard model. I located a replacement sending unit at AvantiParts.biz that includes the rubber seal but I can't tell if it is "hinged". Can you tell me who the AOAI excellent vendor is?
  9. OK, as I continue to try to determine why my power door locks do not work, and how to remove my fuel tank sending unit thru a 2" opening I will move on to the speedometer issue. My speedometer needle bounces around until I reach about 40 MPH and then it smooths out. I recall that back in the 60's that they used to use graphite to ease that problem. Don't know how they did that or if it still works. What I need to determine is if the speedometer cable may be defective and if so, am I in over my head trying to replace it. So far I have been unable to correct the issues with the sending unit or the power door locks so I'm not too confident with the speedometer issue.
  10. Got up bright and early this morning feeling confident after reading replies to my post. Took the upper rear seat out. Removed the box full of screws and removed the fiberglass panel. After digging thru about 5 pounds if insulation, low and behold there sits the sending unit. It appears to be held in place by two machine screws and a healthy coating of gray sealant. It would appear that I can remove the sealant and the two machine screws. However, the clearance from the top of the fuel tank to the rear window deck is at most 2 to 2 1/2 inches. Searching for a possible way to remove the rear deck, the only attachment I find is 4 rivets on each side along where the upper seat back rests. My best guess is that the sending unit will not clear the 2 to 2 1/2 clearance. 😡😡😡😡😡
  11. Removed upright portion of rear seat, solid fiberglass panel. Another dead end. This car is just one problem after another. No wonder Kelly did jail time. May be time to cut my losses and sell this beast.
  12. Thanks pantera928. I will look under the dash to see if I can locate where that relay may be. I did try bypassing and direct wiring from switch to actuator but got no results. I did verify that the hot wire was a constant hot and replaced both actuators but still no positive results. I live in a small town USA and finding a mechanic or technician willing or able to works on a 1987 car is next to impossible.
  13. Thanks for the assistance guys. I will try removing the upper portion of back seat and see what I find. Guess I will need to remove the sending unit and see if I can match it to existing Avanti replacements. I have not been able to find any suppliers listing a replacement part specifically for a 1987 Avanti. Hopefully some parts from previous year Avantis will fit. Would removing the sending unit require that the tank be drained? BOOM ????????
  14. With a full tank of gas my fuel gauge reads 3/4 full, and of course bounces around when car is in motion. Could that be a result of a faulty gauge or possibly a faulty sending unit? If the sending unit needs replacement does the fuel tank need to dropped to replace the sending unit? Thanks.
  15. Couple of questions here from the non-mechanic. The power door locks on my '87 are not working. I referred to the 1987 wiring diagram and it appears that my system is wired according to diagram right down to the wire color. I have noticed that when I activate either one of the switches I hear a faint click under the dash on the right hand side, somewhat like a relay switch. I do have a security/alarm system in the car. It is a K-9 Model K9-Five. Not sure if it was an aftermarket installation or a factory installed option on the LSC model. My question is, could that security system have anything to do with the door locks not operating? The door locks also do not operate when the security system is engaged. Any suggestions?
  16. Can anyone tell me the color code for the 1964 Avanti Maroon? Thanks
  17. Thanks Stacey. It does appear that it very well could be a Beretta color. I am doing some research with Dupont and Sherwin Williams to see if I can verify the color.
  18. I need to do some touch up painting on the bumpers of my '87 coupe. Original build order show color code B8402 Silver Metallic. That code number does not appear on any color charts that I have found. It does not match any GM color codes for that year. Any help in finding a matching color ???????
  19. Jim S I have a portion of the window seal that is what fit the windshield pillar on my '87 coupe. It is about 27" long. I would be happy to send it to you so you can try fitting before buying the complete window seal. If interested please private message me at tbar10der@aol.com or cell # 702-205-0247.
  20. Good looking Avanti. I am in the process of updating my '87 coupe and I am curious where you were able to find weather stripping for the doors and windows? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  21. Jim, as an addition to my previous reply and before the experts correct me, I do realize that your convertible does not have roof rails. The OPGI part than I am referring to is a one piece strip, however it can be trimmed down to fit only the windshield pillar. The section that you would be using measures 1 1/4 " wide and 1" inch deep. It does fit perfectly into the recess of my windshield pillar. Hope that helps you out.
  22. Jim, I ordered the Monte Carlo roof rail weatherstrip from OPGI and it does fit my 87 LSC. It does have some excess that has to be trimmed but it does fit properly. OPGI part # AMS5400 $69.99 a pair.
  23. Thank you wdaly, appreciate your help.
  24. Previous owner of my '87 Avanti LSC replaced all the door weatherstrip with what appears to be the incorrect weatherstrip and I get an annoying wind sound when driving. I have located and purchased the correct Roof Rail Seal but cannot locate the door weatherstripping. Could anyone having an '87 Avanti possibly send me a picture of their weatherstripping. I also noticed that there appears to be a generic strip of rubber running down the inside edge of the front frame (car body). Looks like it may have been added to reduce the wind noise. Is that an Avanti design or is it an aftermarket addition? If needed please fell free to direct contact me at email tbar10der@aol.com
  25. JimS Where is the HVAC box located?
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