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Blaupunkt Speakers needed or info

George Rohrbach

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I am working on the sound system on my 1985.

My two front Blaupunkt speakers (2-way) are pretty shot. Has anyone found a source for replacements? An internet search has not found anything for these. Perhaps someone has figured out a fairly easy replacement? Or had similar ones reconed?

The mounting for it is very specific.

I have figured out how to replace the back ones, by using NOS from the later Avanti. 

Thanks for any advise.




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Measure the spread of the mounting holes…any quality speaker that has the spread and matching impedance (ohms) should work fine.  Speakers today are probably superior to what was available back then.  In the ‘70 I had I installed Boston Acoustics speakers and they were awesome.  There are a number of good brands to choose from…Pioneer…Kenwood..Alpine and others.

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Most new speakers are 4 ohms. Stick with quality brands like Polk Audio, Infinity, and JBL. They should fit most budgets, and sound very good. 

These look like 4" speakers. Most replacements that will fit are 3 1/2.  4" are hard to find and most jump to 4 1/4, 5 1/4 then 6" in the round sizes.

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