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R2 vs '62 Hawk 289

Rick Allen

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Block is cracked, starts below the freeze plug but doesn't start at the freeze plug, I don't have much faith in repairs like this holing up or failing at another area again!  That being said, is the oil flow the only difference in the 2 blocks and can the '61 block be converted in some way to be full flow,,,thanks for your reply!

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48 minutes ago, Rick Allen said:

Thanks for your suggestion; I know of a '63/289 4bbl that's available, so that would be the same engine block as my '63 R2 and I wouldn't be sacrificing anything, nickel content the same in the R2 as in other late 289s, etc.?,,,


Yes..same block exactly...really the very best replacement engine block for your R2 build compared to the older partial flow Stude engine.


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11 hours ago, Rick Allen said:


If the full flow engine you've found does not work out, I have an extra 'bare' 289 full flow block which has been cleaned and inspected I'd sell for a reasonable price.

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