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Geoff Newman


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Sadly, another chapter in the long Avanti story closes with the passing of Geoff Newman. I was fortunate to have been at the S-N Museum in July during the AOA-Indy Chapter's Avanti 60th Anniversary celebration. Geoff was a featured speaker there and shared many details about being part of the Newman-Altman years in South Bend during Avanti II production. He told a very interesting story about the manufacturing of the cars there, 1965-1983. He was quite a character and will certainly be missed. R.I.P. Geoff. You were a great man.


(attached photo taken 7-9-2022 at the S-N Museum)

..................  Harvey Snitzer ..... RQB-1659  .................

S-B Avanti 60th Anniv 7-09-22.JPG

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The YouTube video is a must see. In reality, it's more like a blog or podcast...but worth every 44 minutes to hear Geoff talk about the rebirth of Avanti after Studebaker stopped production. Without the foresight (and sheer determination) of Newman & Altman, our beloved automobiles would only be from production years '63 & '64. Avanti lived for an incredible four decades more! Back in the days of Kodachrome, we hoped the memories would last before the colors faded. But in today's digital world, the memories and colorful history are here for today and future generations. Thanks, Geoff...you left us one of the greatest stories in automotive history!

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