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P/N 1701162 Temp Knob - What Does It Fit?


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I have a NOS temperature knob that I "think" is from an Avanti II....... maybe for the air conditioning? The p/n on the bag is 1701162. This came as part of a bunch of Studebaker parts, but I'm not knowledgeable at all on the post-Studebaker Avantis. Can anyone help with an application for this p/n? A picture is attached. Thanks in advance for any guidance.


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7 hours ago, Jim78 said:

Yes, that knob is identical to the one on my '78.  There is a mate to it that is marked "AIR" that controls the fan speed.

Thanks Jim! That gave me a starting point to look at pictures online. Appears that this knob was used from 1972 until at least 1985, maybe 1986 but I couldn't find any 1986 interior pics. In 1987 they went to a completely different heat/ac control panel. Now at least I know what years to advertise it as fitting. Thanks again!

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