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83 Avanti manuals, etc.


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Good day folks. As promised, I would post pics of the manuals and all related that came with my 83 I just bought. I'm not exactly sure if these are highly desirable items or if they're some what normal. Please comment on what you think and if it's "rare" or not. Just for review, I'll leave a pic of RQB-3691. The brown leather pouch is in "like new" condition, but you can barely make out, in the close up, that it came with the "Avanti" logo.



Avanti books1.jpg

Avanti books2.jpg

Avanti books3.jpg

Avanti books4.jpg

Avanti books5.jpg

Avanti books6.jpg

Avanti Leather owners pouch.jpg

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Both my 74 and 83 came with literature much like you posted. What I'm missing is the folder you showed.

I'll add a shot of the owners paperwork I got with my 74 and a second one from my 83.




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