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  1. Good day. I'm wanting to get information on making my steering tighter on my 83. I've been driving it for a couple of weeks now and it just seems to be "loose". It steers kinda "Floaty" for lack of a better term. I like more of a solid drive feel. Also seems to have a bit of play in the steering also. I know I can tighten or loosen my steering in my 68 C10 cause it's an aftermarket steering box, but is there an adjustment for the ones were using? And which steering box is an 83 using? And, is there an after market box that anyone can recommend? Any help/advice will be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  2. Thanks again for breaking it down Bob. So, with what you stated, should I or Can I go with the production of the 1983's as 187 or 212? I don't mean to nit-pik, but was just wanting to get as accurate as possible. Thank you.
  3. Good day folks. As promised, I would post pics of the manuals and all related that came with my 83 I just bought. I'm not exactly sure if these are highly desirable items or if they're some what normal. Please comment on what you think and if it's "rare" or not. Just for review, I'll leave a pic of RQB-3691. The brown leather pouch is in "like new" condition, but you can barely make out, in the close up, that it came with the "Avanti" logo.
  4. Thanks for your input Bob. Could you please explain further?
  5. Thanks for the info A83.
  6. Good day everyone. I just received my 83 this morning and I couldn't be more ecstatic!! I've been waiting a LONG time for this and I finally own one. I know, I know, I can hear everyone now "Careful what you wish for! (nudge, nudge, wink, wink)" But that's okay, I'm good with it. It's not perfect, but the Frame, Hog throughs and all underneath is solid as a rock and clean. The Body will need attention, but it's never been wrecked or any body type of damage. It will absolutely need a paint job and it will need little things to get it back. It runs fine and I'll have all the fluids changed and do the normal checking of cylinder pressure, plugs and tune up. The interior is in decent shape for a, soon to be, 40 year old car. it will need some TLC as well, but overall I think I bought well. I'm going to post another thread with all the Books and owners manuals and other Original paper work I got with the car too.
  7. Thanks for the welcome Ed. I appreciate it. Got a pic or 2 of your 83?
  8. It's been my experience that "por-15" isn't really that good of a product. I've read and seen too many complaints about it peeling off and/or not adhering to the metal. The BEST product on the market right now, and one I have had very successful experience with, is RUSTBULLET. This stuff make por-15 look like a porous band-aid. It will adhere to the metal and will not flake off or peel. You can brush it on or spray it on and you can also sand it down. Check it out: https://www.rustbullet.com/
  9. Good day Folks. I'll be taking delivery of my new (to me) 1983 Avanti on Friday. I'm very excited, to say the least. I'm going to have a "Show board" made and was wondering if anyone knew the exact number of 1983's produced? John Hull's book has it as 212 (187 + 25 = 212) and GEOFFC312 on another post on this forum said from his "Source" Avantisource.com, which is no longer a viable website, I believe, has it at 289. So, who's correct and why the discrepancy? Also, since John's book breaks it down even further stating; 1983 = 187 (RQB-3590 thru RQB-3776) and 1983 = 25 (RQB-3801 thru RQB-3825) and my VIN is RQB-3691, can I safely say that it's 1 of 187 produced or use the "total produced" number, which ever that is? Thanks for your help.
  10. Thanks Wayne. As I stated, I don't need nor want them re-done. My main purpose for this thread is/was to find info about Recaro seats used in our cars and to see if their was any Part# or style# or any identifier for these seats. Also, as stated, I have the source for the leather for this particular style, but I am looking for a "cover" for these to try to save these seats from future wear and tear. Thanks
  11. Thanks Gunslinger. These seats are in fantastic shape and I was just wanting info on them so I can get a proper fitting cover for them and maybe some extra Leather for any future re-do (if need be). I did find out that the company who makes this particular Leather is still in business, so that's a huge plus.
  12. No. That will be a last resort.
  13. Good day everyone. Newbee question: Does anyone have any info on the Recaro seats used in our cars? Style number or part number or any type of identifier? Also, the seats were made in "Eagle Ottawa #7307 Tan Leather" as is the entire interior.
  14. Yes. it does show 1,2,3,D.
  15. Good day everyone. I'd like get a verification, if possible. I'm looking at a 83 and was wondering if it came with a Overdrive transmission? Whether a 700R4 or the 200-4R? It doesn't say on the build sheet, but was wondering, without looking at the actual car, is there a way to know? Is it my understanding that all Avantis came with the Overdrive trans for this run? Thanks
  16. NEVER, EVER cut your springs, NEVER!! Do a search on this topic in the search field and read all you can. There will be other knowledgeable folks that'll chime in soon to advise. One thing I've always wondered is, has anyone every "Air Bagged" an Avanti?
  17. Hi everyone. Well, I was "supposed" to buy this car, then I saw it up close and personal. It was a "money-pit". First, the entire car was not as advertised and what I was told was Horse-hockey. I'll go over some of the "low-lights". It was clear it spent sometime outside, un-sheltered. Almost all chrome was pitted or starting to pit. Even the inside Ashtrays were rusty. The rear glass gasket and Chrome surround were toast. Has a Gash in the rear flank. Mirrors, Windshield chrome surround, turn signal chrome, Vent window trim and Bumper were pitted. He said It was repainted in 2016. I asked what the paint code was and he couldn't even provide that. The paint was peeling around the head lights. Looked like a "Maaco" job. All Orange-peel. The Moonroof was sealed shut using Silicone and one side of the Moonroof was collapsed. He tried to tell me that the "Cow-catcher" bumper was a "rare" option.....I laughed and then told him about all the research and self-education I've done, then pulled out the build sheet that Dan sent me. I could see the look of "Oh S**t" come over his face. The entire interior needed to be replaced, i.e. EVERYTHING! You could smell the moisture. He tried to tell me "well, it is a 41 year old car". I came back "Yeah well, I own a 1968 Pickup that I bought in 2003 and it was 35 years old then and it was in 10-times better shape than this". It was a complete mess. I'm not looking to get into a complete resto. Sad too, looked great in the photos. Oh well, the hunt continues.
  18. Contact Dan Booth @ 248-349-4884. He has all the "Build" info for your car. His web-site is https://www.nostalgicmotorcars.net/#/
  19. Good day all. I've been researching my 81 and was wondering about a few things. 1. What's the rear gear ratio for a Dana 44 in an 81 with the 305/350? 2. is it a posi or open? 3. I was told that I should service the rear with "Brass friendly gear oil"...Why? 4. Is there a way, without looking at the engine, to tell if I have a "LG3" 305 or a "LG4" 305? I have the "born sheet" from Dan, but it doesn't specify. it states "305 CU. IN. Engine - 1981" on the build sheet. Any help/advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  20. Good day. Thank you in advance for all your help. I'm not new to Antique/Classic cars and Trucks community. I own a 1968 Chevy C10 Short-widebed pickup and it's a Hot Rod. I am new to Avanti's, so please excuse my questions. I have one basic philosophy when receiving a new(to me) antique: Make it Start, Stop and move Forward and Backward RELIABLY. I also follow the K.I.S.S. method of hot rodding. Question 1: First step is to do an Oil change, flush and change tranny fluid and flush and change Coolant. Can someone please tell me the Part numbers, and source, to change the top and bottom Radiator hoses, if needed? Also, I read on here recently that the bottom hose must have a Spring inside of it to prevent collapse? Does the hose come with the spring or is that a separate part number? Question 2: Brakes: Can someone please provide the brand/Mfg of the front brakes and any Pad Part numbers and/or sources for these parts please? Question 3: Rear Brakes, Same as above. Question 4: Wheel bolt pattern dimension, i.e. 5x5, 5x4.5, etc. I also understand that a 7-inch wheel width is about as wide as you want to go. If true, fine. If there are options, fine too. Thank you.
  21. WHAT!? AZ!? Good for you. Which area? I knew Yuma rather well, cause my Aunt and cousins live out there. Well, she passed Years ago, but the cuzins still live out that way. Looks like AZ is going to be the "Florida" of the west coast too, which is fantastic, but I digress. I tried to PM you from this site, but it wouldn't let me. When possible, please hit me up offline, cause I have questions concerning out local area and other things. I'll post my main questions on another post.
  22. Thank you for replying Wildfeir and Pantera928, I appreciate it. I'm hoping Gunslinger and the other VA folks will chime in soon.
  23. Good day Everyone!!👋 My name is Gary from Northern Virginia and I will be a new owner of a 1981 Avanti. Its a pleasure being here and among the experts. I will have many questions, so I hope I don't sound like a pain if I ask for everyone's advice. Thanks in advance. 👍
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